5 Spa Makeovers That Will Make Your First-Time Clients Eager to Come Back

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As a spa owner, you always want to make the best-possible first impression on your new clients. So how can you go about ensuring that your clients keep you in mind and become a forever fan? These spa upgrades are all about putting your best foot forward with first-time visitors. From the very first moment they set eyes on your building to the final moments walking back to the locker room after a wonderful treatment session, your clients will appreciate the care and attention to detail you put into your spa.

Simple Landscaping + Exterior Design Upgrades

If you have control of exterior landscaping: Get creative with it!  Be sure to embrace a welcoming garden-like atmosphere that immediately makes clients feel like they’re entering a special place where they can escape their everyday lives. Beautiful flowers, carefully manicured trees, neat grass and even a tranquil water feature can all help set the mood. Maybe you run a feminine, romantic nail salon with a hippie-chic flair? Take a look at how Booker client, Olive & June, spiced up their exterior with natural foliage and subtly funky wicker chairs. 

Photo courtesy of Olive & June

If you don’t have control over exterior landscaping: Even if you don’t have that much control over the outside of your spa, you can still exercise some control over the first impression you make by making sure your exterior space is always neat and tidy. Remove any faded or outdated posters and signs from your front windows and, if you can, put a pretty planter with flowers and lush green plants by the door to mimic the effect of a garden on a much smaller scale.

Mood-Enhancing Color

Paint walls in reception, hallways, locker room and treatment room areas to reflect the right mood for a spa. Blue is widely recognized as a soothing, calm color, and the right shade of azure or turquoise blue can mimic the color of a tropical ocean to help clients feel transported to a more relaxing place. Millennial pink, blush and off-shade of ivory are also making quite the come-back lately to help set an ethereal tone. Take a look at how Booker clients, Olive & June and PAINTBASE, set the perfect tone for their frequent goers. 

Olive & June Inspo

Both photos courtesy of @oliveandjune


Photos courtesy of PAINTBASE

Just remember, if you choose to mix colors, make sure you do so in a tasteful way, and keep it simple to avoid over-stimulating the senses.

Unique Artwork for the Reception Area

Finding art for a spa can be challenging, but it’s essential to avoid generic imagery. Bring in one-of-a-kind artwork instead. Artwork can be an important way to set your spa apart and help your clients feel soothed, inspired or relaxed based on the images you choose, particularly for treatment rooms. You can enhance the positive energy and welcoming feel of your spa and set a stylish tone by creating a gallery space in the reception area with rotating exhibits from local artists. This will give your clients something fresh and new to look at and can also help raise your profile among the creative community in your area. Get some inspiration from the beachy stylings of Booker client, Skin Laundry

Photo courtesy of Skin Laundry, Santa Monica. 

Millennial-Friendly Features

Though most spas prohibit clients from using their phones beyond the reception area, clients still like to feel that their connection to their tech is respected. Make it easy for them to decide to leave their phone in the locker room by offering locking cubbies with complimentary chargers for a range of different mobile devices. This gently invites the client to leave their world behind and take some time to relax while they get their soothing spa treatments, but it also respects the fact that for many people, staying connected is extremely important.

Comfy Temperature Control

It’s hard to relax when the temperature is too hot or too cold, and spa services that require the client to undress require special attention to temperature control. Spas can help make clients feel more comfortable and relaxed by investing in features like radiant-heat flooring, which can make every step feel luxurious. Other means of temperature control, including heated massage tables or cooling air circulation from quiet ceiling fans, can allow each individual client to achieve ideal relaxation temperatures in his or her treatment room without throwing the entire spa building out of whack.

A Stylish Way to Get Repeat Business

There are many ways to express your spa’s unique identity and priorities with these upgrades. Some may take more investment than others, so you can start with smaller projects like exterior upgrades and better artwork and work your way up to big changes like heated floors. Just remember that every step you take toward making your spa more welcoming is a move that your clientele will notice and appreciate.

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