5 Steps To Father’s Day Success

Barry Eichner
Father's Day spa and salon marketing tips

I spent 12 years working in a chain of day spas, and at many points during that early part of my career, I was the only man working in the company.  

In fact, back in the early 2000s, there would literally be weeks where I would be the only man in the building.  As you’ve probably seen from the statistics on the beauty industry then, this was not uncommon.  

The good news – for your business and men – is that the tide is changing.  More men are working in and using day spas and salons.  So, be savvy and leverage this trend!  

Father’s Day is June 15th and gives you the perfect opportunity to do this. Why let your women customers struggle to come up with gift ideas for Dad when you can help make their decision easier.  You still have a solid two weeks to educate and help the hundreds or even thousands of clients you have (who are mostly women) on the services that you offer for the men in their lives!

And you can rest assured -- once a man gets a really good massage, he’s usually hooked!  It may take some coaxing for him to actually get to the spa, but no one is better at coaxing a guy to try something new than his wife, daughter or mother; all of whom are most likely your existing clients.  

5 Steps To Father’s Day Success

Here are some suggestions that will make it easier for you to help your customers.

1.  Package Services
If you don’t have a selection of men’s packages, it’s time to create them!  Having services pre-packaged to choose from will make it easier for your women clients to decide on a price point, as well as the spa experience they think their special Dad would like.

2.  Create In-Spa Signage
Create a small poster for the front desk offering your Father’s Day Packages and Gift Cards.

3.  Email Your Clients
Email campaigns are an effective way to communicate with your clients. If you have an eCommerce site, be sure to include links in the email to purchase Father’s Day Gift certificates in your branded web store.  

4.  Sell Socially
Communicate to your current Facebook fans and Twitter followers about your Father’s Day promotion.  You can post links to your branded web store so your fans/followers can easily buy gift certificates.  Bonus Tip: Consider paying to promote the posts on Facebook so more of your fans are exposed to your Father’s Day promotions.

5. Make Daddy Digital
Use all of your digital platforms to promote Father’s Day!  Post images of your Father’s Day promotions that will inform visitors, fans and followers about your offerings.  Be sure to update:
•    Your Website Post
•    Facebook Cover Photo
•    Twitter Banner Photo
•    Google+ Banner 

Follow these tips and we’re confident that you’ll see some extra revenue in gift card and gift certificate sales for Father’s Day!  


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Barry Eichner, founder of Barry Eichner Consulting, specializes in articulating a spa's online presence through web site development, search engine optimization, blogging, e-mail marketing and social media. He has over 20 years of experience in marketing strategy, implementation, and consulting of beauty based businesses. Find out more about Barry by visiting barryeichner.com.

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