5 Tasks for a Better 2017

It’s November and 2016 is winding down. The weather is getting cooler and we are ready to close the door on 2016 and take a little break. It’s that time of year when we naturally think about the holidays and the opportunity to spend more time with our friends and families.  So, during these last couple of months it takes a great deal of discipline to stay on track at work.  

Hopefully by now, however, you have already completed many of your year-end initiatives. You have your holiday gift card promotions and sales goals set and ready to go. You have finalized your spa service, package and retail promotions for year end. Your capital plans and budgets are submitted for 2017. And finally, you are just tweaking overarching marketing strategies for next year. No doubt with all these projects, in addition to managing the day to day operations, it has been a very busy fall and you deserve a little break. 

But wait, there is more!  There are 5 more tasks to complete before year-end. Accomplishing these 5 things will set you up for a better 2017:

1.    Complete a full physical inventory on all your retail items.  Run your inventory reports and do a complete inventory to ensure you have accurate counts to start the new year. A few tips:
a.    Count in pairs.  Team up to do this job.  One person counts and one person records. Don’t do it alone. 
b.    Count left to right.  Count left to right, shelf by shelf. DO NOT COUNT BY THE LIST.  You will miss things guaranteed!  When counting left to right you ensure you don’t miss any inventory that could be misplaced. The counter counts and the recorded finds the items on the list and then records.
c.    Do a blind count.  Your inventory sheets should have no numbers on them.  After you record what you have counted you can compare to your records and audit the discrepancies.

2.    Complete a physical inventory of all your professional items.  This should be completed the same way as your retail count but also…

  • Begin dating the product containers when they are received: This will help ensure you use the oldest first. It also helps give you a quick visual idea of how long the products have been on your shelf or in a treatment room.  
  • Check for expiration dates:  Certainly, you don’t want to use expired products. Perhaps you can have tweak a promotion to use up product before it expires!
  • Update your PAR levels:  If you have product that is sitting on the shelf because of the change in demand or perhaps your protocols have changed, update your par levels accordingly.  You don’t want money sitting on your shelf- and- you don’t want to run out of product either.

3.    Review your spa and salon services as they are listed in your computer system.  This is a big job, but an important one.  Are the services offered set up in the correct rooms? Are the prices up to date? Are they attached to membership and loyalty programs correctly? Are they listed with the correct resource time? Are all the employees that can perform them attached correctly? Are services that are no longer available deactivated? 

4.    Update your employee information and data.  Are staff certifications up to date? Are CPR and First Aid certifications valid? Is e-mail and contact information correct? Do you have current emergency contact information?  It’s a good time to ensure all information is up to date.

5.    Individually analyze each of your spa services within their category. Run reports on all your services by category (massage, skin, body, etc.) to determine each service’s popularity and revenue contribution over the entire year.  This data will help you better understand tweaks and updates that need to be made to your spa menu for 2017. Since spa menus are your number #1 marketing and sales tool, the information that you gather will help improve the effectiveness of your menu and lead to improved revenues and guest satisfaction.  To receive additional spa and wellness tips press this link…5 Spa Tips and start receiving valuable operational tips immediately.

About the Author

Kate Mearns

Kate Mearns is an industry expert with over 25 years of operational experience. As Past Chair of the International Spa Association, Mearns has shared her passion for spa and wellness globally. 5 Spa Consulting, LLC offers solutions to spa operators so they may better manage their businesses and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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