These 5 Tips Will Help You Master Email Marketing

Getting customers through the doors of your salon or spa goes beyond simply sending out a friendly letter in the mail, or plastering promotional flyers to your store window. Let’s face it–that method just doesn’t cut it anymore. In today’s day and age - the digital age - your salon or spa has to find other creative ways to attract new customers. One method a salon or spa owner should always consider is tapping into the power of email marketing. Sending promotional emails is an incredibly effective way to boost revenue and gain customers.

However, you’re not reinventing the wheel here. Tons of businesses in your industry, both small and large, inundate customers with emails all the time. So with billions of emails being sent around the world each day, you need to ask yourself: how do I make mine stand out ?

Sending an email is simple, but sending an email that is opened by tons of recipients–that’s a bit of a science. Want to make sure your salon or spa gets the formula right? We’ve got you covered with five essential tips to get your email marketing in tip-top shape:

1. Make sure your subject line is eye-catching. 

The subject line is the first thing readers see when your email appears in their inbox, so make sure you take the time to construct a creative one! This line should entice your reader without seeming like spam. There are certain words/phrases you'll want to avoid, such as:

  • free
  • urgent
  • order now
  • act fast

Instead, try interacting with the reader. Try using:

  • “Have you heard about our monthly special?”
  • "Rock the hair color of the season!"
  • "Buy 2 massages, get 1 free!"

Subject lines like these generate interest in readers and increase the chance that they will open the email. The short of it? Be creative and be different...getting readers to open your email is half the battle!

2. Write streamlined emails with a purpose in mind.

Many emails contain a hodgepodge of specials, events and promotional opportunities, but this much information can often be overwhelming to the reader--resulting in the email being dragged straight to the trash.

So, when crafting your email, make sure that you have a purpose and that you make it clear. If, for example, your salon or spa is offering a monthly special, make that your focus, and make it easy for readers to access this opportunity with the simple click of a button.

3. Think outside the box and be creative.

Let’s be honest-- boring black and white messages just don’t get noticed in today’s vast sea of creativity and innovation. In order for your small business to stand out among the rest, you need to go bigger--and bolder. Create a design that is simple, yet imaginative: use short paragraphs or bullet points for easy-reading and innovative graphics to complement your writing. Today, about 66% of emails are opened on a mobile phone or tablet, so be sure that this beautifully crafted email of yours displays well on these devices, too. When your emails are easy on the eyes, potential customers will notice and respond.

4. Send your emails at the right time. 8pm to midnight.

Sending emails at night might seem counterintuitive, but it is actually an effective (and underrated) email marketing tactic. People receive the majority of emails during the 9-5 work day, so you don’t want yours to get lost in the chaos. Own that time between 8pm and midnight. Make it your small businesses sweet spot for communications. Messages sent later at night, when there is less email traffic, have a higher chance of being noticed. It’s that simple.

5. Newsletters attract--and maintain--customers.

Sending out a newsletter is a fun and simple way to keep your customers informed about any updates from your business without feeling like you’re constantly bombarding unwilling people with emails. In order to gain a large subscriber list, be sure to include an easy, click-of-a-button, way to subscribe to your business’ newsletter in your marketing emails. This way, customers will choose to receive updates from your small business, meaning that they will automatically be more likely to read them. When you keep readers constantly interested and involved in your business, they will be more likely to transform into regular, loyal customers.

Want to learn more about effective email marketing techniques? Check out our eGuide, 3 Steps to Email Marketing Success for Your Salon or Spa, to become an email marketing master in no time. 

About the Author

Denise Prichard

With over seven years of experience, Denise Prichard is an experienced content marketing professional with a penchant for writing compelling copy and content within the health, wellness and beauty industries. She graduated with a degree in English from Arizona State University in 2010 and currently runs her own blog, Fueled by Vegetables, a project that stems from her passion of living a healthy, joyful life and encouraging others to do the same. When she isn't writing or editing, you can find her teaching yoga classes throughout the valley, inventing yummy recipes and hanging out with her rescue pups, Eleanor and Stevie. She currently serves as the Content Marketing Specialist at MINDBODY and Booker by MINDBODY.

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