7 Foods to Fuel Your Yoga Practice

Staying focused on an empty stomach is difficult, even for the most committed yogis. Here are 7 great ways to fuel up before your next practice.

1. Low-fat Yogurt

Yogurt is high in carbs and low in fat—the perfect snack. Sprinkle with some almonds or mix with chia seeds for extra protein. 

Source: Bon Appetit

2. Banana

The simple sugars will give you a boost of energy and the potassium will help prevent muscle cramps. 

Source: Cookstr

3. Nuts

Nuts are high in protein and healthy fats that will help you stay full without a big meal to weigh you down. 

Source: Epicurious

4. Smoothie

Choose a combination of veggies, fruits, and milk of your choice. 

Source: Bon Appetit

5. Tea with Milk & Honey

This snack won’t leave you feeling full, but it will provide enough calories to get you through your practice, plus an added pick-me-up from the caffeine. 

Source: Food52

6. Avocado

High in nutrients and good-for-you fats, avocados are a great pre-practice snack. Just grab a spoon and enjoy!

Source: Smitten Kitchen

7. Dark Chocolate

A couple of squares of chocolate will give you some easily digestible carbs and a sweet treat to boot!

Source: Vosges Chocolates

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