7 Online Booking System Advantages Cryo Spas Should Know

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As with any service business, your scheduled appointments are the wheels that keep your cryotherapy spa spinning. So, when it comes to making alterations on how your clients go about booking those appointments — your hesitation is completely understandable. You may realize that taking all your appointments over the phone, or managing your schedule on pen and paper isn’t ideal, but hey, you’ve made it this far and that’s what you’re comfortable with.

However, if you never leave your comfort zone, how do you grow? Well, you don’t. If you’re looking for a way to grow your cryo spa and improve on the way you take and manage appointments it’s time your spa is introduced to online booking. Offering online booking at your cryo spa is not only a more convenient for you to run your business, but it’s also a much more convenient for your clients to book appointments.

Considering businesses have seen revenue increase by nearly 90%, sometimes it’s important to break out of your shell and explore another amazing options at your disposal. So, today, let’s explore the option of online booking and dive into the 7 best online booking system advantages there are.

Online Booking System Advantages #1: Have More Time to Focus on Clients

online booking system advantages | cryo spas

Getting an influx of appointments should never be anything but a good thing. However, when you take appointments by phone, sometimes busy times can be a bit of a bittersweet thing. The sweet part is that more calls = more $$$. However, the bitter part is that someone actually needs to manually field and record each and every appointment.

Now, you’re probably thinking: you’re being dramatic; a call for appointment takes likes 5 minutes. You’re not wrong, but what about when you’re getting 7-10 calls a day. Now, you’re looking at close to an hour that’s spent on answering the phone and taking down appointments. Many local business owners fail to realize how much time they actually waste on just fielding appointments. I’m sure there are TONS of more productive things you or your staff could be focusing on rather than answering the phone.

With online booking, you don’t need someone to man the phone. Your clients can book appointments easily, all on their own. This way you can focus on what really matters like tending to your in-house clients’ needs

Online Booking System Advantages #2: Be Available for Booking 24/7

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If you’re like most local businesses, your doors are probably open from about 9am to 6pm — maybe 8am to 8pm if you’re slightly crazy. However, many of your clients are busy at work during your open hours, so are you really allotting them ample time to book appointments? It can be difficult for clients to break away from work, make a phone call, and book an appointment. If the priority is “convenience,” I think it’s fair to say making an appointment over the phone is not very convenient for your clients.

Online booking puts convenience back in the hands of your clients. With online booking they’re no longer bound to the limitations of your open hours or when someone is able to pick up the phone. Instead, clients can book an appointment whenever is most convenient for them — whether that be 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, the choice is theirs.

Online Booking System Advantages #3: Integrate with Your All Your Online Profiles

online booking system advantages | cryo spas

In today’s day and age clients hardly ever just blindly stroll into a local business and give it a try. Instead, many clients like to read up on businesses online, beforehand. It makes sense; I’m sure we’ve all done it before. The 3 most popular online sources potential, new clients will look at to get some information on your cryo spa are…

  • Your Website
  • Your Facebook Page
  • Your Google My Business / Yelp Page

You can consider these web pages as your first impression, and we all know how important first impressions can be. Here potential new clients will want to read about the services you offer, the prices you offer them at, pictures of your business, and reviews from other clients. With the right online booking system, clients can also book their appointments right off your online pages — website, Facebook page, listing page, you name it! This way if a client likes what they see (which I’m sure they will) they can book their appointment right there and then — no need for delay.

Online Booking System Advantages #4: Eliminate the Risk of Double Bookings

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We all make mistakes from time to time. We’re only human. However, for local cryo spas the mistake of a double booking can sometimes lead to the loss of a client. Double bookings and other human errors happen from time to time when manually recording appointments. The solution for eliminating those costly mistakes is online booking.

With the right online booking system, clients won’t physically be able to book an appointment with a staff member or service that’s already been booked for the same time. They’ll instead be prompted to choose a different time which you have available. Though silly mistakes happen few and far between, they can be costly, so why gamble when you don’t have to?

Online Booking System Advantages #5: No More Gaps in Coverage

online booking system advantages | cryo spas

Going off human based errors — what happens when a client comes in for their 11am session, with their favorite staff, only to find that staff member actually doesn’t come in till 12pm? Well, they probably don’t book with you again. When managing your staff’s schedule manually it can be hard to keep track of things like who’s working when, who’s their client, and what treatments they’re overseeing. Things can easily become unorganized which can lead to silly mistakes like gaps in coverage.

Similar to double bookings, the right online booking system will help reduce that from happening. With an online booking system your staff’s schedule is neatly and systematically laid out before you. This way you can clearly see every staff member's hours for the week, identify any lapses, and make any necessary adjustments for the week.

Online Booking System Advantages #6: Manage Your Appointments Calendar On the Go

online booking system advantages | cryo spas

You’re not a stationary person. No, as a small business owner you’re always on the go. So, why should you appointment book be? Well, it shouldn’t. Ideally you should be able to access, view, and edit your appointments calendar from wherever you are. Online booking helps make that a reality.

A cloud-based online booking system allows for you to manage your appointment book not just from a desktop, but also from any tablet and/or smartphone. This allows you full access to monitor and manage your bookings from wherever you may find yourself — from the comfort of your own home, to waiting on line at the grocery store.

Online Booking System Advantages #7: Reduce Client No-Shows

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Last minute cancellations, reschedulings and no-shows are the bane of every cryo spa owner’s existence. No-shows are awful, so kick them to curb with online booking. The right online booking system can help your cryo spa drastically reduce the number of no-shows and last minute cancellations with automated reminder functionalities.

You don’t have time to manually remind every client who has an appointment with you when their appointment time is. That’s why the right online booking system works to automate all this for you. All you have to do is…

1). Turn on/off your segmented reminders (i.e. 7 days ago, 60 days ago, 180 days ago, etc).

2). Attach special offers

And… well, that’s actually it. Then you can rely on your online booking system to send out email and/or text reminders to makes sure all of your clients are aware and ready for their appointments.


Interested in all the advantages that come with an online booking system? Check out the online booking services offered by Booker, today!

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