7 Spring Ingredients to Add to Your Spa Menu

Ashley Taylor Anderson

Winter is finally over! It’s time to celebrate by incorporating some of nature’s new bounty into your treatments. Here are 7 garden-fresh ingredients to work into your spring menu.

1. Strawberries

You can incorporate strawberries into your treatments (think masks and moisturizers), or your food menu (strawberry mini-tarts, anyone?).

spa menu ingredient - strawberries

Source: rougeframboise.com

2. Lilacs

Aromatherapy candles or oils scented with lilac will transport your clients to a serene English garden. 

spa ingredient - lilacs

Source: auntiedogmasgardenspot.wordpress.com

3. Kumquats

Use kumquats as a substitute for other citrus in your body polish.

Source: beyondblackandwhite.com

4. Mint

An invigorating mint scrub is a great pick-me-up.

Source: gel-v.com

5. Apricots

An apricot facial is a treat for the skin and the olfactory senses as well.

spa ingredient - apricots

Source: summertomato.com

6. Rosebuds

Roses aren’t quite in bloom yet in spring, but you can still incorporate rosebuds into your treatments (or even your treatment room décor).

spa ingredient - rosebuds

Source: Jacksonville.com

7. Radishes

You probably don’t want to incorporate radishes into any treatments, but they’ll make delicious tea sandwiches for an after-treatment snack. 

spa ingredient - radishes

Source: Wikipedia

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