8 Brand-building Tactics for Driving Traffic to Your Online Shop

Rox Cuevas

Just as traditional retail business values high traffic to harness sales, any entrepreneur whether the occasional crafty hobbyist, nearby mom-and-pop store, or popular brick and mortar brand, who decides to take and operate his business online is likewise very much concerned with traffic generation. 

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While some may struggle thinking about brand building tactics to drive home traffic, it actually just takes a few clicks at available marketing apps for your online shop to put up promotional activities necessary for attracting and engaging with customers.  Knowing these e-commerce solutions, tools, and apps can help save time and finances, thereby allowing you to focus on other business concerns. Here are eight key tactical activities you should consider to build your brand and increase traffic to your web store.

1. Discount coupon codes for instant customer gratification

By offering discount coupon codes that immediately save customers’ money, you can stimulate traffic to your online store and drive sales. Whether the discount is for a specific dollar amount or fixed percentage off, it can be entirely up to you.  There is no shortage of ways to implement discounts in your online store. These may include having a section for clearance items, having a frequent buyer rewards system, or having discounts coincide with special occasions.

2. Go win-win with free shipping offers

Utilize your free shipping promo handle to increase the purchase size of your customers. This is most especially helpful for slow-moving items that you need to manage fast due to nearing expiration dates or obsolescence. With variable price point or quantity that would justify your free shipping promo, you could easily take control of your stock volumes and sales transactions. For more targeted and engaging free shipping campaign, you can use order history business tools that can be referred to when formulating marketing offers.

3. Gift cards for busy shoppers on the go

Especially during the rush holiday season, online shoppers are busy building their gift lists and scrambling to find gifts for their love ones.  This is the best time to activate your gift card shopping option for those customers who have limited shopping time but are smart to consider flexibility in their gift options.  Since gift cards allow your customers to buy gifts for someone else, your online store traffic is increased by prompting not only the gift giver, but also the gift recipient, to visit your online store.

4. Creative, targeted blogging for customer creation 

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To build your brand, your online store needs an identity and a consistent online presence. That’s where a total blogging platform comes handy. But blogging should be more than just writing occasional articles featuring your products. You need a cohesive content marketing plan for your blog that can help establish your e-commerce site as the right place to shop.

Create a rich content that implements a wide variety of media including photos, videos, infographics, and other forms that stimulate your audience. Your blog must be updated frequently with compelling content to invite discussion among readers, and to create interested customers out from an engaged audience. Don’t forget social networking for promoting and sharing your blog to get most traffic from the web community. 

5. Product reviews for online community traffic

Product reviews are valuable because they don’t only encourage sales but can also help build community traffic for your online shop. While new online shoppers are always on the lookout for free shopping support in making up their minds, previous customers may find it engaging to post their feedback and experiences.

Hence, try to make space for product review sections in your e-commerce site.  You can encourage previous customers to post product reviews on your site by offering commenting incentives such as merchandise giveaways, free goods, or discount privileges.

6. SEO to increase store visibility  

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The practice of SEO allows you to attract potential customers by improving your online store’s visibility.  When your e-commerce site appears at the top of your customers’ search results, the amount of traffic heading towards it can dramatically increase.

Optimize your e-commerce site’s features by practicing SEO best practices for your on-site sections like blog, product reviews, and even product tags. Well-planned customizable headings, titles, meta tags, and URL facilities can all help to increase your rank with search engines. Make sure also that right keywords or phrases are integrated and strategically placed in all possible web pages on-site.

7. Email marketing to ensure customer reach-out

Take advantage of email marketing apps for informing your customers of future promotions, sales blitzes, and new product offerings which can keep traffic flowing in to your online store.  Your website traffic would also benefit from loyal customers developed with automated and personalized email birthday greetings. When crafting your emails, put yourself in the place of your readers. Develop interesting subject lines and make the main body and call-to-action sections clear and simple to trigger more clicks.

8. Cross-platform selling opportunities

E-commerce features also now allow you to be present for selling opportunities across Facebook social media platform.  Facebook users can look at your product offering and even buy from your online store without logging out the Facebook interface.  When planning for your online store, make sure to check out this e-commerce feature to tap the social media market efficiently and conveniently.

Entering the e-commerce world may appear overwhelming and alienating especially for traditional brick and mortar retailers.  But today’s e-commerce solutions have made it easier for internet businesses to promote and build their online brand.   All it may just take is recognizing what are available at hand and putting into best use what these systems can offer. 

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Rox Cuevas

Rox Cuevas handles freelance consultancy in digital marketing and e-commerce. In between days, she carries on with her considerable, hands-on work experience in consumer brand marketing, small business entrepreneurship, and blog content writing.

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