9 Swoon-Worthy Nail Art Ideas

Ashley Taylor Anderson

It’s easy to get into a manicure or pedicure rut. Once you’ve committed to Big Apple Red, it’s hard to turn your back on your favorite color. But a special occasion or big event calls for stepping outside of the creative box.

Here are 9 nail art ideas that you can take to the salon—or perform yourself, if you’re a professional nail artiste.

1. Bring on the beach with this seaside-inspired mani. 

Source: bloggerbeaute.com

2. Get foxy with this adorable nail tableau. 

Source: eeeeknailpolish.com

3. Celebrate summertime (or perk yourself up in winter) with some cheery daisies. 

Source: nevertoomuchglitter.wordpress.com

4. Use subtle herringbone to complement traditional hot pink polish.

Source: lisaspolishaddiction.com

5. Channel your inner Ariel with this mermaid-y design. 

Source: tipsandtopcoat.com

6. Polka dots are always a good pick. 

Source: hailthenails.com

7. Throwback to the ‘50s with a sweet-as-pie cherry pedi. 

Source: nailartexpress.com

8. Bring the bling by incorporating gems into your pedicure. 

Source: becomegorgeous.com

9. This pink and black diagonal pedi is elegant and interesting. 

Source: naildesigntrends.com

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