Appealing To Younger Girls - Trend Conscious to Conservative

Barry Eichner
How to attract younger clients to your salon

If you want to partake in the $4 Billion Dollar Prom Industry, you have to be trend conscious to keep teens satisfied. 

With the average family spending between $1,000 and $2,000 on Prom Prep in the United States it’s clear that you will want to keep these teens satisfied. 

More than ever before teens are learning about beauty and fashion online. They’re reading blogs; online magazines and they’re following those publications and brands on social media, specifically Facebook, Interest and Instagram. Use those social media platforms to do research with your creative teams about the styles they’ll need to provide in order to capture the Prom Prep market. 

The Salon Prom Prep Big 3 – Hair, Make Up, Nails


Obviously hair is the single most important aspect of any prom prep! The focus of this season is all about the updo. But a ballerina bun a classic French twist simply will not do. Many teen centric blogs and online publications are showing some really beautiful and elegant hairstyles for the 2014 prom season. The two overwhelming trends are:

  • Updos With Curls
  • Braided Updos

Of course not every teen that comes to you are going to be looking for the most current trend and often times their parents may also not be interested in those looks for their daughters. You can communicate a more conservative conscious styling message along with a trend conscious message, so that you can reach everyone. 

Make Up

If you want to add some additional revenue during prom season, make sure you convey that you salon is able to offer the hottest, most current make up styles.  For 2014 and Teen Vogue are showing metallic/glittery shadows and smoky eyes as key looks. It would be a great idea to review your makeup vendor’s options for these looks and they sell that look as the name of the service.“The Perfect Smokey Eye” or “Glittery Eyes Done Right” could be the names of make up application services that would definitely speak to the trend conscious teens. glo minerals is a popular Salon make up line and glo carries a Metallic Smoke Eye kit that you could even sell with the service. 


You can even go so far as to feature vendors in your promotions. One of the largest nail polish vendors is OPI. OPI does a phenomenal job of promoting collections and even getting celebrities to endorse collections. OPI has a Mariah Carey collection of colors that would allow you to do an OPI Mariah Carey Mani / Pedi combo. You could feature all of the colors in that collection. 

Essie, another leading nail lacquer brand has an entire section of their site dedicated to PROM. With a color called Limo-Scene, you could offer a Limo-Scene Mani/ Pedi combo. A fun and catchy name for a treatment that would allow you to promote more than just a name service


It’s wise to offer packages to help the girls with their Prom Prep! A great idea to help communicate to these girls that you are cognizant of the trends and want to make sure they look great for the prom is to use trend conscious language in your package names. For the prom and spring season, Teen Vogue and other online beauty magazines are showing:

  • Updos with curls
  • Braided updos
  • Smoky, glittery eyes
  • Natural, pretty make up looks
  • Glitter manicures

If you create packages with names such as:

  • “Braided Updo & Glitter Manicure” 
  • “Updo with Curls & The Natural Look Make Up Application”
  • “Updo, Make Up, Mani/Pedi”
  • “Updo with either Make Up or Mani/Pedi”

Offering an assortment of packages that are trend focused and a bit more traditional will speak to the largest audience and give a comfort level to all. 

You’ll show that you’re able to provide a package for teens that represents the hottest styles and most current trends. 

Strut Your Stuff

“A picture is worth 1000 words.” We’ve already established that teens today use social media to research their looks for Prom Prep. If you can offer your current and potential clients rich content on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook that shows clients and/or models wearing a variety of styles you’re able to offer, that will establish credibility. It’s best to credit the stylist in the images so potential clients can identify which stylist’s work they like the most. It’s also adviseable to share links to your Boards on Pinterest via email and on your Facebook page. You can use’s email and Facebook integration to communicate these packages to your clients.

Invite Social Media Input

If you really want to let teen girls know you’ll talk their talk, create promotions like:

  • Show us your favorite Pinterest look.
  • Love something on Instagram you want to try?
  • Facebook friend have a make up trick you want?
  • You’ve seen a demon on Youtube that you want?

When girls come to the salon, make sure you make it easy for them to get on your wifi [in 2014 it’s nearly requisite that you offer wifi for your guests]. As they’re on the device showing you styles from their platforms that they love, invite them to engage you on your social media platforms. 

Make It A Party

You may find that you’ll be able to book more appointments for services if you offer a Prom Prep Party.  Offer a fun experience for the girls to come to the salon for hair, nails and make up. Make it an enjoyable experience. They’re going to want to chat, laugh and compare styles and colors. Let them!  Encourage them to offer each other an opinion on make up colors, nail colors etc. The more fun this single experience is for these girls, the more likely, they’ll be back. You can be assured they’ll be checking in on their social media platforms and posting images as well. When they look amazing at their prom, you can be assured they’ll tell everyone what a great time they had at your salon. 


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