Are You Turning Searches into Sales for Your Salon or Spa?

Lisa Starr

The continued growth of your business rests on your spa or salon’s effectiveness at attracting new clients and converting prospects into buyers.

When you ask clients who are checking out after their first visit how they heard about your beauty establishment, word-of-mouth is probably one of the main answers. But the fact is, even if they heard about you from a friend (which may also mean on social media), prospects probably look at your Facebook page, local listings, or website as the first step in determining whether they’ll make a booking.

Research from the last year shows that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine*, and that the top listings in Google’s organic search results receive 33% of the traffic**. Leads coming into your website through targeted SEO have a 14.6% close rate*, which is an excellent result. When was the last time you Googled your business name to see how your website, listings pages, social accounts, and other online properties rank? Remember that the search engines are often tweaking their algorithms, and if you are not up-to-date on SEO, your rankings may plummet. You can visit Freegrader and enter your URL to gain some useful information on your current SEO results.

Making sure that clients can find your spa or salon online is crucial, but just finding you won’t guarantee a sale—what happens next is the most important part. Once a prospect has visited either your website, Facebook or Yelp page, they have to be inspired to take action and book an appointment. Research has shown that the best way to convert browsers into buyers is by giving them a specific call-to-action (CTA). 

In the print world, a CTA might be a special offer that expires soon, urging the shopper to pick up the phone and make an appointment. In the digital world, a CTA is usually a button that allows the user to take a direct action online. You can see buttons on pretty much every website that say Buy Now or Free Offer. The idea behind this is that it makes it easy for the prospect to take the next step, right at the moment when they are primed and ready.

With a spa software or salon software, you can integrate a booking button across all of your digital properties to drive more appointments. For example:

  • You can add a Book Now button to your website along with your service descriptions and prices, so that once a client has found what they are looking for, they can take action immediately.
  • You can include a booking tab on your Facebook Page that allows clients and propsects to book appointments directly within the social network.
  • With Booker, you also have the power to add a booking button to local directory sites like Yelp, MapQuest, Spafinder, Lifebooker, and others. Since these sites are frequent destinations for prospects, adding that button will enable you to turn those areas into revenue streams as well.

Of course, not every client who visits your Yelp or Facebook Page will end up booking an appointment. But without offering an easy way to take the next step, you run the risk of losing people along the way. Having integrated CTAs on external listings sites and social is also a great way for you to gauge where your online bookings are coming from and where you should be investing your marketing and advertising efforts.

Clients have so many ways to discover and engage with local businesses today, whether it’s through a local Google search, a local directory app, or even a map. Enabling their ability to turn their interest into a sale for you is a no-brainer.

*Data from Search Engine Journal   

**Data from Search Engine Watch

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Lisa Starr

Lisa Starr brings over 30 years of industry-specific experience as a consultant, educator and writer to Booker through GOtalk. Lisa also works for Wynne Business, a leading spa consulting and education company. Among other things, Lisa’s expertise lies in business operations and finances, sales and marketing, inventory management, human resource development, and business process improvement. She is a well-known speaker within the trade show circuit and is a frequent contributor to industry

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