Automated Marketing Solutions: A Business Owner's Answer to Lack of Time

John Rigo

As a local business owner, and a smart one at that, you understand the importances of email marketing. You, like so many other of your savvy peers, realize that maintaining the lines of communications between your business and your customers open can determine the overall success or failure of your business. For starters, everyone uses email. In fact, 92% of online adults have an email account, with 61% using it on a daily basis. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have witnessed widespread success through routine email communications with their customers. On average every $1 spent toward an email generates $40 for the business. Pretty amazing… but you get this part. We get it - you already know all about the positive effects email marketing has an local business success. Then why is it so very few local businesses actually use email communications to drive customers through their doors?  

The overwhelmingly popular answer: LACK OF TIME. Even though almost unanimously local businesses owners can recognize routine email communications with customers is a good thing, they don’t have the time to spend on that. You’ve got a million other responsibilities on your plate as it is like tending to customers, watching over employees, maintaining your facilities. It’s not easy to juggle everything; however there does happen to be an easy solution to your lack of time for email marketing -- automated marketing solutions.

Automated marketing solutions such as Frederick allow users to completely automate all of their email communications. This way you can welcome tons of new customers and say goodbye to actually having to do any of the marketing behind it. Check out 4 different types of email marketing campaigns Frederick can perform for you with just a click of a button!

1. Automated Customer Feedback Prompts

Automated marketing solutions such as Frederick help you gather both positive and negative feedback from your customers after their visits. Frederick can send automated feedback requests to your customers right after their appointments. This kind of information can help you in a multitude of ways--

a) Know with certainty what aspects need improvement

b) Know with certainty what aspects are well received and should be promoted  

c) Identify potential customer referral advocates

d) Make customers feel you really care about their opinion

Not only does Frederick send all these communications out for you, but it also aggregates all the data for you to take action on.

2. Automated Customer Review Prompts

Wish your online directory profiles had more positive reviews? Well, Frederick can fix that. For any feedback responses that come back with extremely positive results, Frederick automatically contacts those respondents and asks if they would like to publicly post their review on popular online directories such as:

a) Yelp

b) Google

c) Facebook

...and we all know how important online reviews are for local businesses!

3. Automated Pay a Visit Reminders

As a local business owner you get very attached to your customers. Because they’re more than just customers. They become your friends, your family. So, when a customer strays from the herd and stops visiting it hurts both your feelings and your wallet. Sometimes a lost customer simply needs a little nudge or reminder to come visit again. Automated marketing solutions like Frederick are there to send those friendly reminders out for you.

Frederick fully syncs with your business management system, such as Booker, to analyze your clients booking patterns. If any unusual lapses are noticed, it then predicts the best time to remind that client to book their next appointment. Frederick reminds clients that you miss them. These are not generic, run-of-the-mill reminders. Frederick personalizes your reminders based on each individual client.

4. Automated Last-Minute Opening Notices

They throw off your schedule, they waste your time, and they frustrate the living heck out of you - that’s right, we’re talking last minute cancellations. They’re the thorn in every local service business’ side. Frederick syncs with your business management system to identify any open spots in your calendar. So, if your 3pm appointment cancelled at 1pm the same day, Frederick works to save the day and fill that empty gap.

Once the appointment is removed, Frederick identifies the gap and sends an automated email update letting your customers know that there's an opening and prompts them to book fast. You can even include a special offer in this email to increase the likelihood of booking. Don’t worry though, Frederick will never blast your entire email list of customers. You never want to come off as too pushy, and Frederick gets that. Instead each email is sent out to select customers that have already expressed interest or are likely to be interested in these types of offers based on their purchase history.


Automated marketing solutions such as Frederick help give local businesses the smarter, more effective marketing that they need but takes away all the labor and time that typically comes with it. They’re a win-win.

Interested in automating your email communications? Frederick fully and seamlessly integrates with your Booker account. Check out Frederick yourself, first hand!

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