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Matt Mahoney
Booker Software Partnership Yelp MapQuest

For several years, we've been fortunate to have the best health, wellness & beauty marketing partners driving sales to our clients. Today we're thrilled to announce two new partnerships that vastly expand the marketing reach of Booker clients: Yelp and MapQuest!

Our goal from the outset has been to enable our clients to be bookable wherever and whenever consumers find you. Whether it's consumers who walk into your store, visit your website, find you on Facebook, or somewhere else on the web, we want to make sure you have not only a presence with accurate listings and menus, but that customers can also book real-time on the spot.

With MapQuest and Yelp, we're adding another 160MM average visitors a month who will be able to discover and book directly with you. Beginning today for some, and over the next few weeks as we rollout, Yelp and MapQuest will begin bringing confirmed bookings through your door. As with the other marketing partners, you’ll:

  • Get found -- we'll make sure your business listing is automatically up to date, including all the menu items and pricing you have in Booker
  • Get bookings -- "book now" buttons enable consumers to check availability and make an appointment whenever they find you
  • Track it all -- automatic reporting for these partners and all of your sources of customers

With anything new, we'll be experimenting over the next few months. We look forward to driving your sales, learning what's working and of course what we can do better.


About the Author

Matt Mahoney

As VP of Business Development for Booker, Matt Mahoney is responsible for helping major online properties and their audiences connect with our local business customers around the world. He is currently focused on building Booker’s platform and service distribution business.

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