Choosing a Payment System: Part 4

Last week, we released Part 3 of our series on how to select the perfect payment partner for your salon or spa. In that article we went over credit card security and answered one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself during this selection process: ​how will I keep my business and customers safe? 

This week, we'll go over how integrating a payment processing partner can help your salon or spa by preventing disconnected processes. 

When you’re busy running a salon or spa, disconnected processes can mean frustrating problems for you, your clients and your staff.

As we mentioned in Part 1 of this series, this is a decision that will factor into your daily life, so it is essential to think about the scenarios you encounter today and may come across in the future. Once you know how you want to handle these, you will have an idea of how to evaluate your options.

Some examples of these scenarios can include:

• Charging for no-shows
• Taking payment or a deposit for online bookings
• Selling gift cards in-store and/or online
• Selling packs of services to retain clients for more than one visit.

Searching for customers in multiple systems—or transferring information between them—drains time and creates opportunity for errors. We all know that any time you’re working on administrative tasks instead of serving customers, you’re not making money, so you’ll want to be sure you choose a solution that will help, not hinder you

Booker is an example of a complete software integrated point-of-sale, paired with scheduling, brand management, customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing and more.

Integrating payment processing with salon and spa management software not only streamlines your operations but adds greater benefits you couldn’t achieve with separate systems.

Here's a look at how integrated payment processing can help:

Customer insights
A system that simply collects payments only tells you so much about how your salon or spa is performing. When you combine payment processing and business management, you get data you can use to improve your business. Booker gives you real-time statistics that help you understand what customers are buying and how often they visit your location, allowing you to adjust your offerings and promotions accordingly.

Memberships/Recurring payments
Offering a membership program can be a great way to lock in repeat business from customers that frequent your salon or spa. Utilizing a spa/salon management software like Booker, along with integrated payment solutions, gives you the ability to store a customer’s credit card and apply a recurring charge on a monthly basis.

E-commerce and gift card sales
With e-commerce capabilities built into the platform, Booker eliminates the need to add yet another system to sell e-gift cards online. 


Your choice of a payment processor impacts how smoothly your business runs and how much money you make on a daily basis. By integrating payment processing with a business management platform like Booker, you can save time and money, protect your customers and business from security threats, all while gaining valuable sales insights that help you take your business to the next level.

Schedule a demo to see how 128,000 professionals are using Booker to sell more efficiently, schedule appointments, attract new customers and more. Want to see Booker in action? 1 (866) 966.9798 or visit





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