Cloud-based Solutions the New Norm? Lessons from ISPA 2016...

Aditi Vora

Floating Back from the Largest Spa Conference on a Cloud….Based Service Platform

ISPA 2016 brought leaders, enthusiasts, and newcomers together to gather deeper insight into what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s trending in the Spa industry. From discovering new treatments, to trying out new technology, all the attendees shared one thing in common: find the best possible solutions for their spas.

One of the biggest shifts in the industry came from the attitudes toward management technology. While installed software used to be king, the climate has been experiencing a shift toward cloud-based technology. There used to be more questions regarding the viability of the cloud in the industry, today you’ll find people wondering how they’ve gone so long without it. The future is now. Cloud-based software is no longer the scary, unknown world it once was - it’s the new standard.

Here are 7 reasons you need to move off your installed software and join in on all the benefits of a cloud-based software for your spa:

1.     No Need for an IT Consultant

One of the many challenges surrounding the use of an installed system is the reliance of an IT consultant when it comes to the installation of your spa management platform. As spa owner, chances are you don’t have time to play phone tag with an IT person in order to maintain your installed system.

With a cloud-based system, you can kiss the need for an IT consultant, goodbye. With a seamless, and painless, implementation, you’ll find your booking, employee scheduling, inventory management, and reporting all integrated into one system that you can access from any device – including your computer, phone, or tablet.

2.     The Cloud Grows as Your Spa Grows

Using the cloud can also ensure full scalability. While your Spa may be growing, you don’t have to think twice about the software you’re using. Without the need to add in additional hardware or components, you’ll be able to increase your users at as rapid as a rate as you need. You won’t get punished for your success.

3.     No Maintenance Required

Once you’ve signed up for your Cloud-based service platform, you don’t have to worry about any software updates. Everything happens on the dime, and at the service of your provider.

4.     Manage Your Spa On the Go

One of the largest benefits regarding a cloud-based software is the capability of being able to access and run your business on the go. Gone are the days where you’re tied to your desk. Whether you’re busy on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you’re just a simple click away from knowing exactly how your Spa is performing, how many appointments you’ve got booked, and which employees are scheduled for the day.

5.     Data is Secure and Always Backed Up

Scared about your system crashing and losing all your data? With the cloud, your data is always secured and always backed up.

6.     Power Outage? Flash Flood? No problem.

That’s right. No power outage or natural disaster stands a chance against the cloud. Without any hardware to get destroyed, your system will still be up and running during any event.

7.     No Hardware Costs

As with any installed software, there are many costs associated with purchasing the necessary hardware to run the management system. Investing in a cloud-based solution helps for you to avoid these astronomical costs, completely.

Have you taken your spa to the next level with a cloud-based solution?

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