Customer Retention Software: Stronger Customer Loyalty for Your Tattoo Shop

John Rigo

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The winter months provide the ideal conditions for getting a tattoo, granting ink seekers the perfect opportunity to keep their newly etched artworks covered and to let their skin heal. That’s why it’s no surprise so many of the tattoo owners we work with can attest to the winter months being one heck of a busy season. Though you’re seeing green now, don’t fall victim to a single season spike. Keep the winter business surge going all year round.

The most effective way to do so is by establishing a simple customer retention program at your tattoo shop. The goal here is for you to start promoting and generating repeat, loyal customers. This way no matter the season, customers will always choose you, and even better, they’ll start referring their friends.

Running, managing and maintaining a customer retention program can be a bit of a handful. You’ve got enough going on as it is, and the thought of getting this new project up and running may sound a bit daunting. You opened your tattoo shop because you’re an artist, not because you want to be a business manager. We, here at Booker, completely get that and it’s why we think it’s time you’re introduced to our customer retention software.

Booker’s Customer Retention Software

Assigning Loyalty Points

In order for any type of customer retention program to get off the ground and running you need to establish some sort of points system. You want to start connecting point amounts to particular awards and linking these points to desired actions you’d like your customers to start taking.

For example, if you experience a surge in business during the winter like most tattoo shops do, make it last into the warmer months by generating some referrals… now! You can do this by starting to offer your current customers rewards for each referral they bring in. So, let’s say for each referral brought in the referrer gets 1000 loyalty points, and 1000 loyalty points gets that customer half off their next touch-up or piercing. You might also want to consider giving a special to the customer being referred. Maybe a special like $10 off first tattoo or piercing. Making a small, initial investment will payout in double if this generates lifetime customers. It’s tactics like this that helps to promote loyalty at your tattoo shop and it actually causes your current customers to do your marketing for you. You don’t need to spend money on ads because you have your current customers acting as walking, talking, marketers.

Need a Hand? Take Ours

In theory, all of this sounds great, right? However, actually getting it going and keeping all your points, and rewards in an organized, systematic fashion can be a royal pain. That’s where Booker comes in. Booker’s customer retention software keeps track of your points system and automatically assigns customers their accrued points when the logged action is taken. This way you don’t have to sweat maintaining, tracking, and diving out all of your points/rewards manually, Booker’s customer retention software does it for you.                                                      

Don’t just take my word for it! See for yourself! Take a demo of Booker’s customer retention software today! 


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