Do You Know How Important Social Media is for Your Small Business? Let's Chat!

Alyson Owens

Exciting news, small business owners! Booker has decided to host our first ever Twitter chat on Friday, April 1st at 12:30PM EST. What we will be discussing? The importance of having your small business present on social media!

Are you saying “what in the world is a Twitter chat and how do I get involved?” Well then, here you go:

1. Log into your Twitter account 

2. Don’t have one? Sign up here

3. Once you’re logged in, your screen will look something like the image below. Click in the search bar and type in Get Booker. You can then follow our page and get live updates. Another option is to type in #BookerChat to follow all followers tweets during the live conversation. 

4. At 12:20 PM, we will be announcing that the chat is about to begin (that’s when you get your eyes and fingers ready)

5. At 12:30 PM EST, we will tweet out our first discussion question which will look something like this: 

6. Now, we have opened the chat for our followers to join in on the conversation - you can respond by clicking the reply arrow and writing your answer with A1 and #BookerChat. Your tweet could look something like this:

There will be a total of 6 discussion questions in which you can respond using (A2, A3, etc).

We are so excited to host our first chat - and look forward to providing valuable insight to small business owners looking to grow on social media.

Any questions? Just ask us below! (Or tweet to us @GetBooker)

About the Author

Alyson  Owens

Aly Owens is the Social Media Marketing Associate/Ninja at Booker Software and has a passion for engaging with the small business online community. From growing up in a small business family, she has a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for the SMB world. Before joining Booker, she managed social media at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, another one of her great passions.

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