Facebook: Your New Booking & eCommerce Channel

Ashley Taylor Anderson

Facebook appointment bookings and eCommerce

Facebook has come a long way since its early days as a college student networking tool. With over 1.57 billion monthly active users, Facebook touches the lives of over 22% of the world’s total population. Given its vast audience, it comes as no surprise that the social network has evolved into a powerful business marketing and eCommerce tool. This means that your Facebook Page is one of your most important channels for driving new business on social media.

Two key aspects of Facebook’s functionality have helped it become one of the most important business outreach and sales platforms available to local businesses:

  1. Graph Search: Facebook has invested a lot of development time and effort to improve its search functionality. This, in turn, has spurred more and more users to rely on Facebook for discovery, especially when it comes to finding local businesses.
  2. Developer APIs: Almost from day 1, Facebook has given developers the ability to build apps on top of their platform and call data from their system to use in external tools.

Graph Search has given rise to consumer demand— this means consumers now rely on Facebook’s search tool to connect with new people, groups, businesses, and brands. And developers have been able to make the most of that demand by creating a variety of apps that integrate with Business Pages.

What does this mean for you? Not only can you use Facebook to educate prospects about your services & products, engage in conversations with your current customers, and share engaging content that will get your brand out there and showcase your expertise. Now, Facebook also allows you to take the next step and drive appointments and sales right from your Page.

Benefits of Facebook Bookings

With a service like Booker’s BOOK NOW! App, your customers can check your online availability and book an appointment or class directly from your Facebook Page. This is especially helpful for new customers—once they research your business, offerings, and content, they can immediately take the next step and complete a booking without having to leave Facebook. 

Benefits of Facebook eCommerce

Providing an easy way to purchase retail items and gift certificates is essential, especially around the holiday season. While you may be selling through your website, if most consumers look first to Facebook to connect with you business, you’ll miss a lot of opportunity by not selling product and services from your Facebook Page.

Booker makes it easy to purchase online or printed gift certificates through your Page; you can also make retail items available for sale via a third party Facebook eCommerce software provider.

The Bottom Line

Facebook isn’t just for sharing status updates with friends—it’s a powerful platform for business marketing, bookings, and sales. If you’re not providing an easy way for new and current customers to “close the loop” with you by booking an appointment/class or making a purchase, you run this risk of losing appointments and sales to other businesses who provide a more convenient experience.

Click here to learn more about how Booker can help you turn your Facebook Page into a booking and eCommerce hub.

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