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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 800 million active monthly users and over 90 million photos and videos shared per day. Engagement is highest on Instagram relative to other social media platforms, making it a great place to connect with your existing customers and to attract new people to your business. 

Beauty is one of the largest content segments on Instagram. Popular hashtags like #beauty, #haircut and #nails return millions of results. So how do you stand out in a crowded space? We’ve noticed that some of our customers are doing a great job sharing their best work and communicating about their brand on Instagram. 

Whether you run a hair salon, nail salon, blow dry bar, lash salon or spa, you’ll get some serious inspiration from our list below. 


MYLKBAR is Charleston’s first and only nail and beauty studio that is dedicated to the pursuit of nontoxic self-care. After founder Katie Shields became pregnant, she was increasingly aware that her city didn’t really offer a safe, fume-free environment for nail art enthusiasts to get their nails done. Katie opened MYLKBAR to provide a stylish place to offer a safe, clean experience. The salon uses coconut milk-based products that promise to leave your nails looking and feeling better than ever before. Their Instagram account is full of eye-catching color and feel-good quotes that effectively showcase their innovative work, their clean, bright salon environment and their fresh take on beauty. 

2. The Bird House Hair Studio

Voted one of the top hair studios in New York City by New York Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine and Time Out NY, The Bird House Hair Studio was founded on the belief that we all have an emotional connection to how our hair looks and feels. Its founders, Brooke Jordan Hunt and Nicci Jordan Hubert, are highly-sought out stylists because they are dedicated to providing a start-to-finish experience in an unhurried atmosphere with a precise attention to detail. They use consistent, neutral backgrounds in their Instagram photos to highlight the precision of their haircuts and natural beauty of their customers. 

3. Facialworks

Meghan Gilboa founded Facialworks with one thing in mind - making the best skin care accessible, affordable and fun. She realized that there were a lot of people in Newport Beach that were looking for skincare treatments and products that were effective and didn’t break the bank. Wanting to provide an enjoyable experience free of painful treatments and archaic methods, she created a facial bar that offers 40-minute hydrating oxygen facials at an affordable price. Facialworks’ Instagram account shows that simplicity can go a long way. By posting pictures that highlight their signature teal color, they have created a grid that is cohesive and fun, and reinforces their branding. To learn more about Facialworks, read our profile



Founders Heather Brewer and Catherine Fain shared a desire to create a better nail care experience. They saw the need for a safe, clean and stylish place to get their nails done. PAINTBASE now has three locations, including Glenwood South, North Hills and Cary, all offering green products and a modern approach to nail art. Their Instagram page offers nail art inspiration against a minimalist background of “millennial” pink and white, with seasonally changing pops of color. They advertise specials and share photos of their beautiful space with their large following. 

5. Fox & Jane Salon

Fox & Jane is  a full-service salon experience in the heart of Soho’s East side. Co-founder and Creative Director Lorean Cairns provides truly genuine hair care by constantly developing new signature collections and uses her expertise to educate her fellow stylists. Their Instagram grid highlights some of their work but extends to pop culture, artsy photos of dreamy locations and creative use of the grid structure. Some photos extend over two spots on Instagram, connecting into a beautiful view when you go to their page. They’ve gained a huge following with this kind of creativity and all of it communicates their edgy, sophisticated style and sense of fun. 

6. Lola Lash Bar

Lola Lash Bar excels in creating lush, eye-catching lashes and bold brows. Their mission is to provide quality workmanship at an affordable price so their clients can continue to maintain gorgeous eyelashes and brows on a regular basis. Microblading and lash services can be hard to capture well, but Lola keeps their account inspirational with a mix of before and after close-ups, staff and location photos, and accents of their signature pink. 

7. Olive & June

Olive & June founder, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, prides herself in providing a new kind of neighborhood nail salon in Los Angeles that makes getting a manicure and pedicure a downright lovely experience. This nail art destination has a loyal client base of dynamic women of all ages including celebrities, editors, friends, family and fans and has received extensive coverage in well-known magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Allure. Nail art aficionados have used her adorable hashtag, #OliveYourMani, to help grow her Instagram following to 150k followers. Their account focuses on showcasing the nail art, which has become a signature service. To learn more about Olive & June, read our profile

8. Blo Blow Dry Bar

Blo Blow Dry Bar is a highly successful business with  over 95 locations to pamper their clientele across the US, Canada and the Philippines, with plans to open more soon. Their very popular Instagram account encourages their “Blo Babes” to take pictures of their blow out and use their unique hashtag, #bloheartsyou, to be featured on their page. Blo Dry Bar is an example of how user-generated content can be used to bolster your brand and make your clients feel some extra love. 

9. Skin Laundry

Founder Yen Reis has a story most women can relate to - an ongoing battle with skin issues. After experiencing a laser and light therapy facial in Asia that greatly improved her skin, she decided to bring this miracle treatment to the US and founded Skin Laundry. She opened her flagship store in Los Angeles in 2013, but now has several locations in California, New York, Arizona, London and Hong Kong. Using the hashtag #JustLaundered her team has grown their Instagram audience to over 25k followers. The Skin Laundry account doesn’t just focus on facials. They share inspiring and funny quotes, images of dreamy locations, and product shots that promote their own line. The dreamy pastel color scheme is consistent but the content varies to provide a quirky, inspirational view of the brand. To learn more about Skin Laundry, read our profile

10. Valley 

Valley nail salon has be recognized as one of the top nail salons New York City by Vogue, Allure, Byrdie and Refinery29. They encourage their clients’ creative expression while providing a stylish and friendly environment in several locations sprinkled throughout New York City. Their loyal client-base and 30k following on Instagram can be credited to highlighting their nail artists’ creations with an aspirational approach to nail photography in varied environments. 





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