Get Ready for Mother's Day Gift Card Infusion

Lisa Starr
Mother's Day Gift Certificate Gift Card Marketing

Mothers around the world are always in need of relaxation, stress-relief and a little “me” time.

A spa gift card is the perfect way to celebrate the woman who cares for everyone but herself. However, unless you are a men’s spa, it’s likely most of your clients are women, who are not likely to purchase their own Mother’s Day gift.  

Boosting Mother’s Day gift card sales requires a two-pronged approach; external marketing to attract the purchasers of the gift cards, and internal marketing to your database. Here are a few strategies to assist you in both areas.

External Marketing

Anything you do that is targeted to new clients has to be undertaken sooner rather than later.  Advertisements for spas have practically disappeared, but one place where they are still effective is, depending on where your spa is located, a local/community newspaper. These are often read widely in the community and can spur action among non-spa clients. Highlight the ease of doing business with you; a quick, easy transaction that includes gift wrapping is always a draw. Radio is another effective means of reaching a particular demographic, namely men. If you have a sports radio station in your town this is an effective way to reach large numbers of men.  Placing a radio ad is quite simple, really; they will help you write the copy and supply the voice over, and can be surprisingly affordable. 

Internal Marketing

Imagine a male client who breathlessly arrives anxious to make a Mother’s Day gift card purchase. What do you have to make it easier for them? It’s relatively easy to create a few specific journeys (packages) for Mother’s Day to make their selection easier. This helps men to understand what they are purchasing. Gift card recipients are free to create their own journey, but many men are unsure how much their money will buy, so the specifics are helpful. Make sure your journeys are at different price points, and make sure they are NEVER created using your entry-level services. Rejuvenating Facial & Spa Manicure, perhaps priced near $125; then an Anti-Aging Facial and Aromatherapy Massage, priced nearer to $175, and lastly something in the low $200’s, such as a Facial/Body Treatment/Manicure combo.

Your database of spa customers is the next place to mine. Prepare an e-blast particularly for Mother’s Day, one that can be forwarded by your female customers to their family members. Also post these promotions on your Facebook and Pinterest pages. Make it fun and engaging by having a contest, such as having people post photos of themselves with their mother, and let your followers vote on a winner. 

Don’t forget retail: a gift card alone is a nice gift, but a gift card with an additional item is even better. A selection of travel-sized bath & body products and a few gift baskets with items like candles, music and bath salts make ideal accompaniments for gift card presentation.


Make sure you have plenty of gift card supplies; the cards themselves, and any presentation materials such as boxes, ribbons & bags. For last-minute shoppers, you’ll want to enable the new Mother’s Day gift certificates templates in SpaBooker, found under the Marketing/Gift Certificate Template tab. Be sure to have a selection of Mother’s Day cards handy for one-stop convenience. Print out forms for gift card purchase that collect name & contact data and list options, and have them ready with clipboards to speed up processing on the next couple of weekends. Don’t forget to ask for contact info for recipient, if possible; then you can market to them to make sure the gift card gets redeemed, and you have the opportunity to turn the prospect into a customer.

Happy Selling!



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