Getting to Know Your Mother's Day Customer

Barry Eichner
Mother's Day Customers

It’s funny; nearly every single day we open the doors our businesses tend to serve women.  Sure, there are men who come in for services, but we spend the majority of time focusing on women.  

However, for our 3 major holidays, while a woman is the end user, she isn’t the customer that we target in our marketing and advertising. 

For our major holidays, especially Mother’s Day the purchasers are:

•    Adult Sons
•    Adult Daughters
•    Fathers of Children
•    Fathers of new born children (the 1st mother’s day is huge)
•    Teenage Children (who are usually using their father’s resources and who have at least consulted their father on the purchase)

For these reasons it’s best to assume that the majority of your Mother’s Day resources should be directed to adult men.

Discovering Your Customer

In order to best identify the demographics of these men, you should really be able to identify the demographics of the women who already come to your business, the men will most likely share some key demographics.

•    Age Range
•    Zip Code
•    Ethnicity

Next identify businesses in the area that men tend to use.  Having a strong list of ancillary businesses in your market will be highly valuable.  You will be able to use this list to conduct free marketing outreach.  

•    Gyms
•    Cigar Stores
•    Sports Stores
•    Sports Bars
•    Golf Clubs

You are going to have varying type of businesses that the men in your area will use.  Urban locations versus suburban locations may see a difference in the lists of businesses.  Urban locations are more densely populated with ancillary businesses so the out reach may be of a wider variety in a smaller area.  While in the suburbs, your out reach to these businesses maybe in a larger geographic area.  

Reaching That Customer

Your size determines your timeline for creating and executing your Mother's Day marketing plan. 

Large Businesses
Generally, larger businesses have an ample marketing budget for Mother’s Day.  This will allow you to reach your target customer with broad reaching advertising channels

•    Radio advertising
•    Television advertising
•    Newspaper advertising
•    Magazine advertising
•    Social Media Advertising

These channels are expensive, but have a large reach and can drive traffic to your business with specific calls to action in the weeks and days leading up to Mother’s Day.  The best part about these channels is that you can select all of them based on the demographics of your customer.  Work with the advertising representatives, provide them with all of the details you have on your customers, and they will help you place ads that will reach your target audience.  You will need to create an advertising plan several months in advance, especially for print as the published ads will likely run just days before Mother’s Day.  

Small to Medium Businesses
If you’re a small business with a single location, your marketing budget for Mother’s Day is most likely minimal at best.  Your best ally in the marketing plan for Mother’s Day is TIME.  Start early and push your message to as many inexpensive / free channels as possible. These require creativity and tenacity.

Go Where the Men Are
Creating partnerships with other businesses in the surrounding area focus on the zip codes where your men live and shop.  Draw from the list you created of ancillary businesses and then reach out and ask if you can share marketing materials at their locations to be given to their male customers.  Ask if they’ll promote you on social media.  Make sure that you offer to promote their business to your clients so it will be mutually beneficial.  

Be Social
It’s the 21st century – no marketing plan is complete without including social media.  The number one platform is Facebook!  No matter what size your business is, advertising on Facebook is a very viable and affordable option. If you are using SpaBooker, creating and posting promotions directly to Facebook page has never been easier with their Facebook integration. You can also target Facebook users based on zip codes, gender and interests, and then direct these ads to your SpaBooker eCommerce page to sell Mother’s Day Gift Certificates.  

Be Bold & Brazen
Get to the men through your current female customers.   Create “hint-hint” cards for women to use at home.  Make these funny, “if you need any ideas for Mother’s Day gifts…” suggest they get posted on the fridge, left on a pillow, left in his car, etc.

No matter your size, you can create a highly effective Mother’s Day campaign after you determine the demographics of your Mother’s Day Gift Card purchaser, their specific interests, and your marketing budget.  After you have all of those established, you can then begin to implement your plan based on your budget.  Your best ally is ample planning time.  So don’t hesitate, get started planning Mother’s Day early! For tips on how to make this Mother’s Day a success for your spa, check out this webinar from Lisa Starr.


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