Holiday Gift Packages: The Perfect Present

Kate Rankin

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Do your clients come to you in a quandary asking you for a gift idea for a coworker, a boss, their sister, or their mom? You can become their holiday gift-giving hero by having available an array of gift packages for them to choose from.

The beauty (pun intended) of holiday gift packages is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and price points, making them the ideal answer for your desperate client or that rushed, last-minute shopper. Customers love them, they’re good money earners and they satisfy impulse buyers because they’re so beautifully packaged and presented—which means one less gift to wrap! Gift packages truly are the perfect present.

They also accomplish a few very crucial marketing functions for your spa or salon. In addition to helping your client out of a gift-giving fix (and making you an invaluable resource to them), they can introduce your business and its products to a prospective customerhopefully resulting in an in-person visit, rebooked appointment, or that business jackpot of all jackpotsa loyal customer!

Order or create your gift packages now at various price points your clients can afford. Spa managers should look for or create gift packages that soothe the skin and the senses. These could include a basket full of terry cloth bath slippers, a bath loofah, an iTunes gift card, herbal tea, aromatherapy oil, and toffee, chocolates or cookies.

Salons should find or create gift packages that will satisfy your clients’ cravings for shimmer, volume, hand and foot relief, trendy new make-up, and mani/pedi kits.

Here are some best practices to consider:

  • Tell everyone you’ll have gift packages. Promote them on your website, in emails, on your Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages. Positioning your spa or salon as an option for gift-giving based on high quality, high value and prestige versus low price helps you move away from a “discount” model perception that is beginning to permeate the beauty industry. Use your social media outlets to showcase testimonials, awards, press mentions, and achievements.
  • Reward early shoppers with a bargain, such as a promotion during the super shopping weekend of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.
  • Offer your service and product gift packages at a regular price. Sure, it’s the holidays and our tendency is reduce the price of packages to encourage sales, but resist the temptation to do this. Your clients will still feel they‘re getting value for their money.
  • Position gift packages as a way to give the recipient “a moment away from the fray.” Isn’t that really one of the best gifts there is during the busy holiday season? If the hectic holidays prevent prospective and current clients from entering your doors, encourage your gift giver to deliver serenity to them by purchasing a gift package.
  • Connect promotions to your loyalty program, such as a series of massages, blowouts, haircuts, or facials. Loyalty programs create repeat business over a period of several visits, which can keep your cash flow positive, reduce your client acquisition costs and create an opportunity for client referrals.
  • Monitor and compare your sales for this year against your sales for last year, especially in the final days leading up to Christmas.
  • Finallyand perhaps most importantlydon’t forget to suggest that your clients pair a gift basket, tote, kit or tray with a gift certificate. That will give the recipient even more reason to visit your facility!

The only limit on gift package ideas is your imagination. And if your imagination falters, check out your clients’ profiles. You have a treasure trove of information there that can help you decide which packages will have that perfect appeal for your customers.

For more tips on promoting your holiday plans, check out our guide.

Our thanks to Barry Eichner of Barry Eichner Consulting for his contribution to this blog.

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