How to Create a Cult Following to Your Salon in 4 Easy Steps

Gaetane Joseph

The power of a selfie. There is no better testimonial. When posted to social media outlets a client selfie exposes your salon to new clients. If you desire this type of publicity why not add it to your marketing strategy and make it happen!?

Step 1

Capturing a selfie when clients are feeling luxurious is the optimal time to determine if they are pleased with their service.  When clients take selfies in their car or once they get home and proceed to publish it to their favorite social media platform; the downside is that this does not always result in the name of your salon business visible.

When you encourage clients to take selfiein the salon – this problem is resolved immediately! 

Step 2

Go a step further and add a Selfie Station. By creating an area in your salon specifically designated for clients to take selfies you not only highlight the remarkable work of your team of stylists, it gets friends of your star clients talking. Ideally, you can lure in referrals and be well on your way to creating a cult following.

Step 3

A selfie station can be as simple as a clean backdrop to take a picture:

  • Simply add a gorgeous mirror for client selfies adjacent to a beautiful colored wall with your salon name and logo Be sure to clearly label the space: “Take A Selfie”
  • Invite clients to tag the salon and stylist, once posted (while in salon) to receive credit. Offer discounts, a sample service, or retail product as a gift if they tag your salon and stylist.

Step 4

Take it a step further, create a salon hashtag! Assuming your salon has an Instagram account (if you don't have one, get one NOW).  Take advantage of the "selfie trend" – it’s a fun part of our culture that translates to repeat business.

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