How to Easily Implement Customer Surveys at Your Spa or Salon

John Rigo

Spa Salon Customer Survey

Do you know what your clients really want from your spa? Are you offering the right services at your salon? Believe it or not, an overwhelming high number of businesses offer their clients what they think their clients want not versus what the market actually demands.

The key to any successful beauty business us to offer your clients the services and experiences that they actually want, not just what you think that want is. Curious as to how to determine what client actually want? Well, that’s pretty simple, first things first - you’ve got to ask!

However, we’ve already told you all about why customer feedback is so vital to your spa or salon, so now we’re going to show you the easiest, fastest way to get that feedback - Booker’s customer survey functionality.


Who to Send to: A survey sounds great, but how do you know who to send to? No one has the time to sift through client email addresses and contemplate whether they should receive a survey. You barely have enough time to run to the bathroom.

Save yourself the time and save yourself the trouble. Booker allows for spa or salon owners to activate ‘Thank You” emails. These emails can be automated to send out after a client visits your shop. In these emails you can provide a survey link. This eliminates the manual process of finding the intended client, allows you to thank this client for their business, AND gives you the opportunity to pick their brain to ensure your spa or salon continues to perform at it’s very best.

Customized Questions / Responses: When creating a customer survey you need space to play. You want the ability to tailor your questions and response in your own way. We get it, you want to make it your own. That’s why Booker’s survey component allows spa and salon owners to complete customize all questions and responses. Write the questions and answers however you best see fit. The power is in your hands.

Besides just being able to customize your text you can also customize your questions’ format. Booker offers spa and salon owner a variety of different question types such as:

  • Multiple Choice

  • Choose All That Applies

  • Star Ratings

  • Open Ended

Pick one type, have a variation - bottom line: choose whatever you think will resonate best with your clients. The choice is yours.


Ready to start seeing what your client’s really have to say about your beauty business? Take a quick demo today!



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