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Today’s consumers do their homework, close to 85% of customers use online recommendations to find local businesses before ever actually stepping foot into a physical store. No one just walks into a business blind, anymore.

Gone are the days of the giant Yellow Pages manifestos. Instead, people find businesses in their area on local listing sites like Yelp and Google. Now, we’ve told you all about why it’s best for small businesses to get reviews on Yelp, but you might’ve been wondering well, “How do I get my business listed in the first place?”

Let’s alleviate that issue right now and walk you through a few quick steps to get your business listed on Yelp.

Step 1: First, hop on over to “Yelp’s for Business Owners” sign up page

Step 2: Your business might actually already have a page created for it. So, you want to check if a page already exists, and if it does you simply need to “claim” it. 

Listed on Yelp

First, input your company’s business name and address. Then hit the “Get Started” button.

Listed on Yelp

Step 2(A): Scroll through the list of businesses and see if your business is already listed. If it is, this tutorial is going to be pretty short for you. Your profile is already set up, so just hit the “Claim this business” button. Yelp will prompt you with questions verifying you, in fact, own the business and then from there you can start making edits to your profile as you see fit. 

Step 2(B): If your business doesn’t already have a page, that’s okay! We’re going to help you set one up. If you don’t have a business to claim just keeping scrolling down to the bottom of the “Find and Claim your Yelp Business Page,” and select “Add your business to Yelp.

Step 3: Enter all your business’ information such as country, name, address, and phone number. 

Step 4: Next, make sure that you link your company’s website to your Yelp profile. You want to give viewers the ability to access your web page in order to build your website’s traffic. 

Step 5: Don’t forget to add you business’ operating hours. Clicking the “Add Hours” will allow you to add on days.

Step 6: Yelp also allows you to categorize your business. So, make sure that you enter your business’ industry into this section. The more specific you can get the better for your business’ Yelp page’s searchability. 

Step 7: Lastly, just add your email address and then hit “Add business."

Step 8: High-five! You’ve just successfully set up your business' Yelp profile! Yelp will send you a confirmation email, you hit “confirm email,” and then go check out your profile.

Okay - so you have your Yelp business profile… now what?  

Yelp is much more than simply a site for potential/existing customers to view or write reviewers. Yelp’s spent a lot of time creating tons of tools that business owners can use to market their services, promote any running specials, and overall just grow their businesses.

Perhaps the most useful tool in Yelp’s arsenal is its online booking capabilities. 

Listen on Yelp

So, this is how it works: If your business uses an online booking system, Yelp allows you to integrate your online calendar so searchers can access it directly from your Yelp business profile. Potential/existing customers will be able to make appointments at any hour from anywhere, and since it’s all integrated, you’ll be notified and be able to keep track of all the appointments booked from your Yelp page. The benefits of online booking are numerous and the capabilities Yelp offers are something that business owners should definitely be taking full advantage of. 

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