4 Ways to Heat Up Your Customer Base This Summer

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It’s nearing the end of spring and you know what that means? That summer breeze is knocking on our door. Everyone loves the summertime. It’s a time of sunshine, beaches, and family-time; however, it can also be rather slow for small and local businesses. Driving new customers to your doorstep is pretty difficult when they’re off on vacation getaways. Getting ahold of customers in the summer is hard enough, but then actually convincing them pass up time in the sun and come spend money at your business is pretty close to impossible.

Today, we’re going to teach you how to defy the odds. Though attracting new customers during the summer months is certainly a feat, it can certainly be done. In fact, here are the 4 best insights for how to get more customers during the summer.

1. Draw new customers in with an introductory deal

If you’re looking to attract new customers this summer, then you need to lure them in with a “first time visit” special. These are easy to startup on your end, and super effective when it comes to creating new business. First time visit specials are the perfect way for you to open your business’ arms to new customers and say “welcome.”

Keep the promotion quaint but considerate -- you don’t have to give away the kitchen sink. For example, try something simple like: receive $5 off your first visit. Or you can make the special service-specific, which would be something along the lines of: receive $10 dollars off your first massage (or whatever services you offer).

Just be sure to offer potential, new clients with a little extra incentive and motivation to give your business a try. These will prove useful for driving new customers through your doors during the summer months. Then you can use your excellent quality of service to make them stay for the long haul.

2. Infuse your themes with summer

A “first time visit” special is great, but you should take it one step further. You should make it a summer themed special. This meaning you promote this special along the lines of “get $10 off your first visit this summer (June-Aug)." In fact, any specials you create during the summer should be summer themed. Making your specials seasonal specific help potential, new customers better resonate with them. Important aspects to consider when making your summer theme are:

a) Colors - be sure to use bright and uplifting colors such as shades of blue, pink, orange and yellow.

b) Imagery/Graphics - adding fun summer graphics to your promotions or advertisements are a great way to catch the attention of new, potential customers. Consider using popular seasonal items like pineapples, flamingos, ice cream cones, etc. 

3. Partner with local businesses

Establishing a business partnership sounds so corporate, but it’s actually a practice that’s extremely feasible and effective for local businesses. You don’t have to feel so alone anymore. Reach out to other local businesses and see if you can swap promotional materials. This can help you leverage one another’s customer base. In order to establish who is a good partner to pursue you want to consider the following:

a) Non-Competitor: You need to make sure there is no conflict of interest between you and your partner.

b) Complementary: Ideally, you want your partner your compliment your businesses. They should ideally have the same customer base as you, but they just service a slightly different need. For example, if you own a cryotherapy spa a perfect partnership would be between a massage business, a naturopath, or even a yoga studio. 

4. Make a name for yourself on social

Now that you’ve spent the time crafting all these summer promotions it’s important you get the word out about them. The best place to do so? Online. Most consumers rely on the Internet to introduce them to local services by them. They do this well before ever physically visiting a storefront.

Looking for tips to help take your social media marketing to the next level? We love the tips in this  guide

So, don’t be shy! Be bold and be proud of your summer promotions! Spread the word all over the web. The best places to start are your...

  • Website
  • Social Media Pages
  • Online Directory Profiles

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