How to Reduce Contact at Your Salon or Spa [infographic]

You help your clients look and feel their best. Run your salon or spa with that same confidence, knowing you can offer your clients an exceptional and safe experience from booking to checkout.

You're already taking care to clean and disinfect and provide protective equipment (like disposable masks and gloves) to your spa and salon workers to reduce risk of COVID-19, but did you know your software can help keep your community safe, too?

With the right salon or spa software, you can minimize contact, protecting the health and safety of both your clients and the hair, skin, nail, and massage professionals on your team.

Together, Booker and Bowtie (Mindbody's AI receptionist) offer a safe—and seamless—journey for your clients from the moment they book with one of your beauty professionals.

Spa and salon owners can even improve the financial health of their businesses with software that makes it easy for staff to sell spa and salon products and other retail on the spot (no trip to the front desk necessary). Virtual check-in means optimizing capacity in your salon or spa—while still putting health and safety first.

Your salon or spa software needs to include a low-touch journey for your clients. To health with anything else!

Make your salon or spa safer.

Get a demo.

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