Looking to Increase Profits This Valentine's Day? Try These 4 Ideas

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we don’t spare any expense when it comes to showering our loved ones (or maybe just ourselves) with candy, flowers, spa days, blow-outs, etc. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend at least $18 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts this year. To put that into perspective, that’s $3 billion more than what Americans spend for Super Bowl Sunday. 

While most people may depend on spending the big bucks on fancy dinners, chocolates or adorable teddy bears to show their significant other they care, as a salon or spa owner, there is a ton of opportunity for you to maximize on this holiday. Take a look at our 4 favorite marketing tips to help ensure your salon or spa gets a nice cut of the profit pie this Valentine’s Day.

Offer Valentine’s Day-themed specials
While your business may not thrive on selling sweet treats or bottles of bubbly, you can pair these holiday favorites with one of your services. Take a look at your services menu and identify what your top-seller is and pair it with some classic Valentine’s Day indulgences such as strawberries, a glass of champagne and/or chocolates. 

If you happen to be a hair salon or a nail salon, you may even want to pair some of your Valentine’s Day specials with colors that are associated with the holiday (i.e. chocolate brown hair color or champagne inspired highlights for hair salons or red and pink nails for nail salons). 

Create romantic promotions for couples
It should come as no surprise that this holiday brings ample opportunity to shower couples with a service they can enjoy together - but you can also sweeten the deal with some add-ons. Instead of just offering a side-by-side massages for couples, throw in a bottle of champagne and cover the massage tables in rose petals. 

Since the trend of men treating themselves with manicures and pedicures is certainly on the rise, you could even create a pampering nail package with that couples can enjoy together. 

...But don’t single out your singles
Even though this holiday seems to target those who are hitched, you shouldn’t forget to spoil your single customers. Did you know that as of late 2017, that the Census Bureau has identified over 110 million single people in the US? That’s a whopping 45.2% of all US residents over the age of 18. While this may not necessarily mean that all of these people are unattached, you would be doing your salon or spa a huge disservice if you didn’t create some kind of special for those who want to treat just themselves on this holiday. 

Think about creating a Ladies’ Night for a group of gal pals that want to celebrate with champagne and manicures or blow-outs. You could employ the same idea for a Guys’ night that you could pair with a shave and a cigar. 

Show your loyal customers some extra love
As we have covered before, client retention is key when it comes to increasing revenue year after year - and the same can be said for holidays like Valentine’s Day. For those clients that show you some extra love throughout the year, it may be a good idea to offer them unique promotions to coax them into your space. It could be as simple as offering them a complimentary glass of champagne or a rose with their service, or as intricate as throwing in a free facial with their massage. Any act of gratitude will allow your clients to feel appreciated and loved and keep them coming back.

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