Industry Spotlight: Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2015

Top fitness trends 2015 - aerial antigravity yoga

The fitness industry currently generates $27 billion per year*, and will only continue to grow as demand from health-conscious consumers increases. Here are 5 fitness trends that are primed to dominate the scene in 2015. 

Bodyweight Training

Workoutaholics are bringing basic back with minimal-equipment routines that rely on bodyweight for resistance. Personal trainers and fitness studios will be including a lot of planks, lunges, pushups, and squats in their circuits next year.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

While HIIT has gotten mixed reviews from fitness trainers, fitness trainees are still amped about these high-impact workouts. Boot camps, cycling studios, and hybrid training routines like P90X will remain popular in 2015. HIIT will also spark a complementary trend toward recovery practices such as restorative yoga, self myofascial release, and other stretching regimens that help muscles recover from strenuous exertion.

Treadmill Classes

Treadmills are nothing new, but studios and gyms offering treadmill classes—boot camps where students perform high-intensity interval runs, incline training, and floor exercises including kettle bells, lunges and squats—will take off. It’s a magic mix of cardio-intense exercise and instructor motivation that you don’t get when jogging at your own pace.

Hot Barre

This low-impact, ballet-inspired workout has been gaining in popularity the past couple of years. In 2015, a new twist will be added to the ordinary barre routine by adding heated rooms, similar to the Bikram hot yoga trend from years gone by. The added heat will provide additional toxin release and make it easier to achieve greater flexibility.

Aerial (Anti-Gravity) Yoga

Yoga is still hot, but aerial (anti-gravity) yoga will be the new hotness next year. Traditional yoga poses are performed in a silk hammock or yoga swing suspended from the ceiling. Aerial yoga takes advantages of benefits from yoga and acrobatics—it’s a great core strengthener that’s also gentle on joints.

*Source: IBIS World

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