It’s Critical to Capture Customer Data

Kate Rankin
How to capture spa and salon client data

You probably think you already have a pretty good idea of your regular clients’ history and buying trends. But do you really?

If you’re trying to gather this information using pen and paper or an outdated computer system, you’re running the risk of misplacing valuable client information. You also may not be making critical links among your customers’ preferences, your staffing decisions, your ability to fill your book, and how much inventory you buy and stock.

In order to communicate with and market effectively to your customers, you need to have the ability to track every activity, preference, personal detail, and note about them. You should also be able to save all appointment, order, and other transaction history to their unique profile.

Ideally, building a robust customer profile involves keeping track of your customers’ information, increasing the detail of that information over time, and then using that information to serve your customers better and improve their loyalty to your business. For example, what if you’re going to discontinue a line of make-up and want to clear your remaining inventory? Are you currently able to quickly look up who has used that brand in the past and send them an email promotion offering it at a discount?

A comprehensive customer profile can also help you keep your customers’ overall wellness in mind. For instance, do you know if any of your clients have allergies or injuries that may prevent you from performing certain spa or salon treatments?

Capturing accurate customer data can also help you when a technician leaves. You may be able to retain some business by doing a promotion to all of his clients so they can try a new service provider and stay with your salon or spa rather than following him to a new location.

These are just a few examples of how accurate customer data can enhance how you serve your clients.

Here are a few suggestions for the type of information you should include in your customer profiles and how it can help you run your business better:

  • Name and status should tell you if the customer is new, whether or not they’ve booked an appointment, or if they’re a regularly scheduled client.
  • Customer details should include the customer’s phone number, email address (which should be a live link to send an email directly to them), and loyalty rewards points balance and history.
  • A history of recent appointments and orders helps you see what day and time customers prefer and if they have a preferred product. This information eases booking and helps keep your inventory current.
  • Contact information and preferences can include an email address and phone number, but also tells you which of those communication methods they prefer.
  • Booking alerts are messages that pop up on the calendar when a customer books an appointment, checks in, and checks out. Booking alerts help you improve your customer experience and keep your front desk staff informed of a customer’s needs, habits, or requests. Many businesses use them to help upsell retail products.
  • Birthday and anniversary dates can augment your marketing efforts throughout the year.
  • Marketing information should keep a record of every email campaign sent to the customer and the exact time when it was sent. This can help you track how often you’re reaching out to your customers and what information you’re sharing with them.

Booker can make it easier for you to collect and manage this information. You can more accurately target your marketing campaigns, increase your retail sales, identify and improve your relationships with your best customers, and share useful information and offers with them.

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