Local Business Roundup: 6 Good Responses to Bad Online Reviews

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Good responses to bad reviews

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We know it’s impossible to keep up with all of the news in the local business space. That’s why we’ve cherry-picked the articles from this week that matter most for business owners like you.

[Reputation Management] 6 Good Responses to Bad Online Reviews

Source: Entrepreneur

Bad online reviews happen to good businesses. It’s how you respond to these negative reviews that can make or break your online reputation. Here are 6 ways to manage your response to bad reviews in a positive way:

  • Automate your monitoring process so you're not taken by surprise.
  • Stay calm—don't take things personally.
  • View criticism as an opportunity to make improvements to your business.
  • Turn negative feedback into a way to display your company's character and values.
  • Make customer satisfaction a company policy to prevent ongoing poor reviews.

Why It Matters: No one wants to encounter a nasty review of their business online, but when handled correctly, these situations can actually end up boosting your reputation with potential customers. Providing a timely, empathetic, and professional reply to negative comments can help calm the angry author of a review and make you look good in front of online spectators. You can also use this critical feedback to improve your offerings and processes in the future.

 [Topic] 5 Things to Do Before Advertising on Facebook

Source: Huffington Post

Running a Facebook ad isn’t difficult, but it can be hard to do it right if you’ve never tried social advertising before. Here are 5 things you should do before running your first Facebook ad campaign.

  • Set up a Facebook Business Page if you haven’t already.
  • Identify your target audience—Facebook allows you to hone in on all kinds of demographic data to ensure that you reach the right people.
  • Define your goals—e.g., bring in more new customers—and determine which page on your website will help readers accomplish those goals.
  • Develop multiple ad versions to test so you can run a few versions at a time. As you track your performance, you can pull back spending on the ads that aren't performing and shift your spending into the ones that are.
  • Measure your results during and at the end of your campaign .

Why It Matters: Facebook ads can be effective, but only if you go in with a plan, a set of clearly defined goals, and a few different versions you can test to see which one performs the best. Tracking your results will help you make improvements for your next round of ads.

[Mobile] 6 Ways SMBs Can Optimize Mobile Ads to Reach Targeted Audiences

Source: StreetFight

17% of small businesses are running mobile ads, but not all of them are seeing great results from their efforts. The ones who’ve been successful have taken advantage of the following 6 optimization strategies to improve their results:

  1. Focus on individual ad views to understand who's interacting with them.
  2. Try running small ads in a few different areas to see which one responds the best.
  3. Test geo-targeting boundaries to determine the best area to drive foot traffic to your business.
  4. Keep your business owner involved in the process (if they’re not the one running the ad).
  5. Use popular keywords to capitalize on what people are searching for.
  6. Ask customers how they discovered your business.

Why It Matters: Mobile ads are still relatively new, and therefore require some testing and tuning to help you dial in the perfect approach for your audience. It’s important to try different targeting criteria and content, and to look closely at your results to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. 

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