Local Business Roundup: Managing Your Online Reputation

Ashley Taylor Anderson
local business news how to manage your brand's online reputation

We know it’s impossible to keep up with all of the news in the local business space. That’s why we’ve cherry-picked the articles from the past week that matter most for business owners like you.

[Reputation] How to Manage Your Online Reputation

Source: Time

Your business’s online reputation can have a huge impact on your long-term success. As a starting point, it’s important to do some research to find out how your company is portrayed online by staff members, clients, and prospects. Once you have a baseline, you’ll be able to determine where to spend your time boosting your visibility and diminishing negative coverage.

Why It Matters: Local consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to spending money on products and services. If your business is portrayed negatively online, consumers will likely choose to visit a competitor instead. That’s why it’s crucial for you to monitor your brand’s reputation on a regular basis to ensure that you address negative feedback and invest in channels where you can create a positive image.

[Retention] 8 Ways to Delight Your Customers

Source: Inc

The difference between securing a first-time customer and securing a customer’s business for life has a lot to do with their initial experience. It’s not enough to simply provide a product or service that consumers want—the most successful businesses go a step beyond and aim to delight their customers. Whether you present a welcome gift, pay special attention to their needs, or send a personalized thank you note and follow-up offer, there are a variety of ways your business can make an extraordinary effort that will win clients’ loyalty.

Why It Matters: Repeat customers spend more, do business more often, and are much more likely to refer your business than first-time customers. When designing and optimizing your business’s customer experience, make sure to consider not just what your clients need, but what would bring them unexpected pleasure.

[Listings] Google Search Update Boosts Local Business Directories

Source: Search Engine Land

Last week, Google rolled out its latest search algorithm change called the Pigeon update. (Sounds like the Google development team is running out of catchy release names!) One of the key changes in this rollout is increased visibility for local directory sites. Yelp in particular is performing much better in search results than it had been in the past, but this update has also boosted other local business directories like Urbanspoon, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable. Smaller, hyperlocal directories are seeing improved search rankings as well.

Why It Matters: Local consumers rarely search for a specific business by name; rather, they search for products and services in their local area and use results to research which business best suits their needs. With this latest algorithm change, your business’s local listings are more important than ever. If you haven’t already, you should make sure to claim and update the information on all of your major listings pages and monitor these sites for negative reviews that might impact a prospect’s opinion of your business. With a little time and attention, your listings sites can become a powerful marketing tool.


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