Local Business Roundup: Why Your Emails Aren’t Working

Ashley Taylor Anderson

Local business email marketing tips

We know it’s impossible to keep up with all of the news in the local business space. That’s why we’ve cherry-picked the articles from this week that matter most for business owners like you.

[Marketing] Why Your Emails Aren’t Working

Source: OPENForum

Tired of sending emails that don’t seem to reach your customers, or if they don’t, don’t get opened or engaged with? You may be committing one or more of these email marketing no-nos:

  • Your messages trigger spam filters.
  • You have weak subject lines.
  • You sell stuff rather than inform your audience.
  • Your formatting is hard to read.
  • You don’t test and adjust your content.

Why It Matters: Email marketing can be a highly effective communication channel—but only if you follow best practices. Sending spammy, irrelevant, or ugly emails will turn your readers off. If you want to avoid be tuned out, spend some time assessing your emails and testing different aspects until you’re producing content that will engage your readers and drive more business.

[Advice] 5 Entrepreneurial Lessons from a Top Model

Source: Forbes

Lisa Song Sutton, a 10-year modeling industry veteran, learned a lot about entrepreneurship during her career in fashion. And she’s put that knowledge to good use, going on to become a serial entrepreneur with ownership interests in several companies.

Here are 5 key lessons Lisa learned from her time as a model that apply to local entrepreneurs as well:

  1. Remember how small your industry is.
  2. Identify your market niche.
  3. Collaborate, cross-promote, and co-brand with similar companies.
  4. Be consistent with your product and your customer service.
  5. Maintain a professional online presence.

Why It Matters: To succeed in any industry, you need more than just a passion and a great idea. Savvy marketing, product or service positioning, support, and brand development are what will set your business apart from your competition and give you the edge with consumers. Likewise, your personal branding—how you present yourself online—should sync with your brand’s online presence and always be professional.

[Social Media] 5 Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips

Source: Social Media Today

The holidays are a great time to adjust your social media strategy to capture the delight of the season. Here are 5 easy ways to incorporate the holidays into your social media posts and promotions in December:

  1. Bring out the holiday decorations, whether it’s jazzing up your cover photo or taking a photo in holiday garb.
  2. Give away holiday presents to followers.
  3. Sponsor a charity or host a donation drive.
  4. Ask your customers to share holiday stories.
  5. Hijack holiday hashtags.

Why It Matters: There’s still time to take advantage of holiday marketing trends on social to boost your business in the last two weeks of December. Sharing visual content that relates to the holidays and your business is an easy win, as is using popular holiday hashtags. See what’s trending on Twitter and Facebook and make sure to incorporate them in your posts from now until the end of the year.

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