Make The Most Out Of Fall: 5 Fun Staff Outing Ideas

The scarves are coming out, the trees are turning colors, and everything you could ever imagine is becoming “pumpkin flavored” - yep, fall is definitely in the air. Small business owners more than anyone know to enjoy this brief moment of serenity because soon the most frightening time of all will be upon them. No, not Halloween. We’re talking the holiday season surge.

With the holidays right around the corner it’s important to keep your staff morale high, and there’s no better way to do so than a little team bonding. Plan something fun for you and your staff to do together. It’ll help boost loyalty, camaraderie, and overall happiness at your business.

Let’s take a quick look at a few great staff outings you and your employees can enjoy this fall.


1. Picnic in the Park

fall staff outing


Fall is the best time to enjoy the outdoors. It’s not too hot, not too cold, and the foliage is bright and beautiful. Setup time for you and your employees to enjoy a nice picnic at the local park. Break some bread, share some wine, and have some laughs.

2. Pumpkin Picking

fall staff outing


It’s not really fall till you’ve had that pumpkin [insert any of food or beverage imaginable]. Take the pumpkin crazy of fall and turn it into a fun team bonding trip for you and your staff. Schedule an afternoon for you and your staff to explore the nearby pumpkin patch. See who can find the great pumpkin first.

3.  Hayrides

fall staff outing


Hayrides are tons of fun. If you’re looking for a more laid-back, scenic ride, go during the day on a tour of the farm. If your employees are all about the thrill, try scheduling a haunted hayride trip at night.

4. Apple Picking

fall staff outing


Maybe pumpkins aren’t really your thing, but you’re still looking to get that fall feel. That’s fine. Take your employees apple picking instead. Find a nearby apple orchard and get picking.

5. S'mores Roast

fall staff outing


On a crisp fall evening there is nothing better than sitting around a fire and making some good, old-fashion s’mores. Graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolates, warmth, and great company, the recipe for quality staff bonding.

You lean on your employees a lot, and when the holidays come around, you’re going to need them even more. So, reward them now! Show them your appreciation! Get morale and dedication soaring so motivation is at its highest come the holidays.

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John Rigo

John Rigo is a content marketer with Booker. His areas of expertise are writing and market research. John brings a unique perspective to the blogosphere with his extensive background in publishing. He also has a love for small and local businesses – how they work, how they grow, and why they succeed.

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