Mother's Day: Planners vs. Procrastinators

Barry Eichner
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When it comes to holiday shopping there are always two kinds of people, planners and procrastinators.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, your business will surely encounter both. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your salon for each of these consumers!  

These consumers shop, compare prices, and always look to find the best gift that offers a great value.  A successful way to capture the planner is to reward them for planning.  Hold a 1 or 2-day flash sale on gift cards in late April. This will reward your loyal clients and capture those Mother’s Day dollars before any other business has a chance.  It's important to track the success of any promotion your salon offers. This can be done by creating special codes that are tracked upon redemption (both on eCommerce and in-store) with SalonBooker.

Planners will also take pride in purchasing gifts that are thoughtfully packaged and implemented beautifully. Bonus tip: Partner with your local retailers and create a package that will benefit you both. This is a great way to entice the purchaser with added value, as well as attract new business from local retailers.   

These clients will need your help at the last minute. My advice is to give a little direction and suggestions that will help them purchase gift cards and other Mother's Day offerings. This can be done with packages as well.  Make sure you focus on the use of Instant Gift Cards in your plan.  SalonBooker makes it possible for your clients to print gift cards on the morning of Mother’s Day. The easier to you make it for the purchaser, the more likely they are to purchase!

Collateral is King
In order to sell “Mother’s Day” as a theme you have to remember this cardinal rule:  “Collateral Is King”!  Collateral materials allow you to educate potential customers on what you’re offering.  It’s your chance to inform, clarify and direct your message.  The message must include a call to action so that you can measure the response to determine success.  Make sure the materials contain a call to that will allow consumers to engage with you.  Directing them to click on a web link so they can shop in your eCommerce section of SalonBooker, or for them to call to book an appointment, whatever the action.  Make sure it’s in your message and on your collateral.  

Marketing materials (collateral) such as:

  • Flyers
  • Window signs
  • Signs at your front desk
  • Signs in your waiting areas
  • Direct mail pieces

Invest in graphic design work that incorporates a beautiful image, your logo, and your Mother’s Day message.  Make sure you get this prepared in early April and up in your business by mid-April to maximize the exposure.

Planning and procrastination doesn't only apply to the purchasers, it applies to salon owners as well! Following these pillars of planning will help make Mother's Day a success for your salon: 

Basic Planning Ideas
For your marketing plan, you can focus on several concepts when selling your products, services and gift cards.  

  • Do a dollar off or percent off sale, on your services or gift cards
  • Create interesting service packages that are unique to the holiday
  • Create beauty product packages for home care
  • Partner with other businesses to create combination experiences 
  • Find a popular restaurant and offer brunch and a blowout
  • Select a candy shop and do a box of chocolates with a manicure
  • Perhaps a popular florist will sell a flower arrangement and a facial

Get Your Message Out

A marketing message that isn’t distributed is no good to you. Make sure you use some basic channels to get your message to potential clients.

Email Marketing

  • Be sure to include an electronic version of your flyer in a email to your clients.
  • Include links to the eCommerce page to sell your instant gift certificates.

Booker offers a dynamic and effective email marketing functionality. If you’ve not tried it, feel free to call 1.866.966.9798 for a free demonstration.

Social Media

You can auto schedule social media posts through SalonBooker with links to the eCommerce pages to sell instant gift cards.  The eCommerce option can be loaded on to your business Facebook page as an app.  It’s highly recommended that when promoting on Facebook you keep the client on Facebook as opposed to taking them to a 3rd party website.

Partner with Male-Centric Businesses

Go to businesses in your market who cater to men, provide them printed flyers and electronic versions of your flyer and ask them to promote you to their customers.

Direct Mail

You can even use the Mailing Label report inside SalonBooker to generate the labels for your direct mail.

If you start early and plan a campaign, create engaging collateral materials with proper calls to action and then get your message out through effective channels, you’re sure to have a successful Mother’s Day!

For more tips on how to make this holiday a success for your salon, download our Mother's Day Guide.


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