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Ashley Taylor Anderson

We’ve spent the last three weeks talking about the benefits of online scheduling software, discussing why online bookings, mobile bookings, and social bookings are a great thing for your business. But there’s still one benefit we haven’t discussed yet. When you use online scheduling software, your calendar by default moves into the cloud—meaning that you can access it anytime, anywhere, make updates, and always view the most up-to-date version of your schedule.

Moving your calendar into the cloud can be extremely helpful for you and your staff members. Here are just a few perks of ditching your paper schedule for an online one.

24/7 Staff Schedule Access

How many times have you heard the argument from a late or absent staff member, “It’s not my fault—my schedule was out of date”? For service-based businesses that provide appointments and classes at different times for different customers, these kinds of mix-ups are fairly common—at least when you’re managing your schedule on paper.

With online scheduling software, your staff can access their personal schedule 24/7 from any device. They can see when they’re booked, what services they’re performing, what rooms they’re using, and which customers they’re seeing. This eliminates any confusion about what time they should arrive and when their shift is over, and also helps them prepare for their services in advance.  

Anytime, Anywhere Calendar Updates

Have you ever received an after-hours cancellation call for a next-day appointment, or an email early in the morning from a student asking to move into a later class? I’m betting you have, and that these kinds of last-minute changes are a pain to update in your paper schedule. Luckily, an online scheduling system relieves this pain by allowing you to update your calendar anytime, anywhere. You can cancel and move appointments with ease, and adjust your students’ class enrollments and waitlist statuses—all from the comfort of your laptop at home or phone in transit.

Scheduling Error Reduction

Managing your calendar on paper is fine when you have couple staff members and a small number of customers. But when you start adding more people on either side, managing your scheduling can quickly spiral out of control. Often times, business owners start looking into online booking systems when they reach this point because mistakes begin to creep into their calendar. Double-bookings, over-bookings, or lost appointments happen to the best of us, but they can negatively impact your customers’ impressions of your business—not to mention cause unnecessary stress for your employees.

Thankfully, online scheduling software prevents these errors from happening. It’s impossible to double-book an employee or room and over-book your schedule during operating hours. And unless you forget to enter an appointment into your booking system altogether, there’s usually a digital record that’s hard to lose, even if it’s not necessarily complete.

Calendar Optimization

Trying to identify week-over-week trends in appointments or attendance can be difficult when working with a paper book. One of the great things about moving to an online scheduling system is that you have all your booking data in one place. It’s much easier to see where your calendar holes are—and determine what days of the week or time slots you might need a promotion or two to fill those empty blocks.

An online calendar can also help you gain a holistic view of your bookings by employee so you can see who’s busy and who has a lot of downtime. This can help you address performance issues, drive more customers to book with underutilized staff members, and adjust staff hours if certain employees provide a specialty class or service with lower demand.

The Bottom Line

Online scheduling software can save you and your staff from mix-ups and headaches, and help you get more out of your available hours so you can generate more revenue.

To learn even more about the benefits of online booking for your business, download our guide. 

Benefits of Online Booking and Online Scheduling

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