Pay Attention: Managing Customer Preferences

Mike Sommers
Using spa management software and salon CRM software to manage customer preferences

No two customers are alike. And let’s face it: It doesn’t matter how many customers you have, they all want to be treated with a certain degree of exclusivity.

Paying attention to your customers’ preferences isn’t just a matter of knowing what hair or skin treatment they favor. It means establishing a relationship with them that reinforces that they’re a valued client—not just a recipient of marketing promotions.

Many times, the secret to meeting your customers’ needs can be about what they don’t want as much as what they do want. That’s why it’s so important to build and use accurate, robust customer profiles to manage your customers’ preferences.

Let’s explore three specific examples of how you can use a client’s preferences to bring a smile to her face and solidify her loyalty to your business.


Being sensitive to how, when, how often, and in what mode your customer wants to hear from you has become a real hot button issue in service industries. It’s essential to let customers control the communication process. Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to opt into—or out of—your marketing communications, such as emails, newsletters, or text messages. Texting can get especially sticky. You should always get permission before sending text messages, especially since some customers may be charged for the texts they receive.

You should routinely review and update basic client contact information, and your customers should be able to choose what kind of information or incentives they want to receive, how frequently they want them, and which communication channel is best to reach them.


Appointment preferences can be just as crucial. Your clients will appreciate the ability to ensure they get the particular time, day, and service provider they want. And some customers may also prefer a staff member of a certain gender.

Knowing your customer’s service history can improve the booking process as well. Most customers appreciate being asked if they would like to book their appointment with their “usual” practitioner. You’ve not only remembered them, but you’ve also shown that you remember what’s important to them!

A specific room or a particular order of services also may be important to your client. Having the ability to have this information at your fingertips will allow you to cater to her preferences. It’s likely she’ll reward you with repeat business and referrals.

Payment Processing

Having a range of payment options plays directly into your client’s convenience quotient. If you make it easy for clients to do business with you, they’ll return again and again. That’s why it’s important to make sure you can accommodate cash, checks, credit cards, gift cards, loyalty points, memberships, and pre-paid services.

A few months back, we talked about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which is basically a framework used to keep track of your customers’ information, build out each client profile with additional the detail of that information over time, and then use that information to serve your customers better and improve their loyalty to your business. All three examples above are things you can achieve with a CRM solution.

The more insights you can gain, the more satisfied your clients will be. Booker can help you refine each of your clients’ profiles to improve your view into their preferences for communications, appointments, payments, and beyond.

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Mike Sommers

As SVP of Product, Mike Sommers is responsible for managing Booker’s product strategy and roadmap, accelerating development of the platform’s capabilities and the growth of the businesses that run on it. Mike brings over 15 years of experience creating innovative business and consumer software products across a variety of platforms including local, social, search, video and mobile.

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