Personalized Client Data Produces Profitability

Mike Sommers
Use personalized client data to increase your business's profits

Many of you may not think about the relationships you have with your clientele in terms of Customer Relationship Management or CRM – that oft-used corporate phrase that may sound abstract or lofty, and feel complex and intimidating.

But there’s really no need to feel that way. Because CRM is basically keeping track of your customers’ information, increasing the detail of that information over time (building their profile), and then using that information to serve your customers better and improve their loyalty to your business.

So, you see, in reality, CRM is simply putting your customer at the heart of your business. And one of the best ways to keep that heart beating strongly is to know your customers’ preferences.

Think of how you used to do this before. Maybe you had a Rolodex or book with all your customers’ contact information – their telephone number, their email address, their service preferences or their favorite service provider’s name. Remember how each time you had to reach out to them, you had to call them?

Using Booker you can acquire, grow and retain profitable customer relationships that will also create a sustainable competitive advantage for your business. Without a doubt, customer loyalty is directly linked to profitability. So, the more you know about your customers, the more you can meet their needs and increase their loyalty to your services. What kind of information can you learn? CRM data will tell you how frequently they visit your location, what services they purchase, what upsell (product or add-on services) they occasionally buy and when they buy it.

With the support of technology like the Booker Web to Customer feature you can have a more in-depth, personalized profile of your customers that will help you improve the quality and satisfaction of each interaction with them while it maximizes the profitability of your customer relationships... a win/win for both you and your customers. But, best of all, it’s automated!

The Booker Web to Customer feature can help you collect and organize customer data – you know, all that information you used to keep in the Rolodex or client book. It lets you customize the information you request and collect, and works with existing customer fields to manage that information for you. In that way, it can help you gain valuable insight into client likes and dislikes, and help you engage and interact with your customers more often and more meaningfully in new and innovative ways.

It not only can help you find out which among your services is your customers’ favorite, it can help you launch your business in a manner that suits your strategy. For instance, maybe you want to collect customer information for email marketing campaigns, independently of online booking.

The Web to Customer form creator allows you to collect information and build out your customer records by embedding a simple snippet of code on your webpage. When a customer completes the form, their information automatically creates a new customer record, or updates an existing one. The form can obtain customer preferences for contact information; favorite spa or salon services; favored service provider; or birthday information that might feed into a future promotion.

To build your form, go to the Customers tab, then to Web to Customer. Select the fields you want your customers to complete. Once you’ve chosen the fields for the form, you can confirm those choices. At this point, you’ll need to work with your Web Designer to create a hyperlink you can send to customers in an email. Customers can click on the link you provide to get directly to the form and give you the information you request.

If you pair Web to Customer with Booker Promote and MailChimp integration, you’ll have a well-rounded, powerful email marketing strategy.

For a video and more help on Web to Customer, visit the Booker Help Center.

Or, if your account currently does not support the Web to Customer feature and you’d like learn more about how to add it, please contact us at


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Mike Sommers

As SVP of Product, Mike Sommers is responsible for managing Booker’s product strategy and roadmap, accelerating development of the platform’s capabilities and the growth of the businesses that run on it. Mike brings over 15 years of experience creating innovative business and consumer software products across a variety of platforms including local, social, search, video and mobile.

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