Protect Your Business: Controlling Employee Access to Client Data

Mike Sommers
How to control employee access to your spa or salon's data

Two primary business issues continue to affect the beauty industry, making the security of client information more and more imperative:

  1. Who “owns” a customer – whether it’s your spa, salon or an employee – is an ongoing debate.
  2. At the same time, spas and salons continue to grapple with the impact of high turnover rates.

Frequently, when a new employee comes to your business, they bring a list of loyal clients with them. You may have struck an agreement with your employees about how often and in what way you’ll market to those clients, or you’ve agreed to let them continue to market to them as well. Similarly, staff members should know that existing customers of the spa or salon belong to the business and are yours to protect.

As customer ownership has become more complicated, intense competition has also introduced higher staff turnover rates. With new spas and salons opening frequently, technicians and service providers are exposed to other enticing opportunities. And, let’s face it, many service providers are focused on building their clientele to a point where they can establish their own facility. Depending on how often staff members leave, you may find yourself in perpetual business-development mode as exiting practitioners periodically depart with their clientele.

Clearly, in a business where the emotional connection between client and practitioner can be intense, these two influences – who owns the customer and high turnover rates – have the potential to impact your client retention and profitability. Given the complexities of client ownership and staff turnover, it’s important to clarify your spa or salon policies, inform your employees and – most importantly -- secure the customer information that you want to remain confidential.

As you know, every interaction with your customers helps you build their profile and improve the depth and scope of data you have about them. You know what hair treatment they prefer, what massage therapy soothes, and which nail color really pops. This information can be used in a variety of ways – to market specials, to upsell products and, of course, to constantly improve the service you provide. To say that customer data is the lifeblood of your spa or salon is far from an understatement. That’s why it’s imperative that you make smart decisions about which staff members have access to your client information.

Here are some suggestions that can help you secure your client information. You may want to consider including some of them in your Employee Handbook:

  • Limit the number of employees who have access to your client list.
  • Assign levels of access to each of your employees.
  • Mandate that your staff establish unique logins and passwords.
  • Make it a violation of employee policy for anyone to share or divulge their login and password.
  • Update passwords monthly.
  • Delete the login and password of an employee who has left the business.
  • Classify customer contact information as confidential, and hold your staff responsible and accountable for maintaining its confidentiality.

Booker can help you secure customer data by allowing you to assign user roles to your staff that define how much access they have to your client data. Information is revealed to employees depending on what their user role is, ensuring that your customers’ contact information is safe and secure. For instance, you can assign roles so that your reservationist and manager have full access to customer profiles, whereas practitioners have access to only a subset of information.

It’s certainly worth reassessing the level of access your employees have to your client data and taking steps to ensure that it’s secure.

To learn more about how Booker can help you manage your employees’ access to customer data, request a demo with one of our representatives.

Our thanks to Barry Eichner of Barry Eichner Consulting for his contribution to this blog.


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