Retain Clients and Students with Series and Class Packs

Mike Sommers
Appointment series and class packs drive repeat business

Series and class packs can be great ways to lock in repeat business from clients and students who visit your spa, salon or studio on a regular basis.

They provide added perks and convenience for your patrons and require little investment from you to see big returns. Repeat visitors are also more likely to take additional classes and book more appointments — and we know it’s tough to turn a first-time client or student into a regular attendee.

Spa owners can entice their clients with the therapeutic results of a planned and regular treatment schedule that might include massages, facial treatments, and waxing services at discounts from 10 to 20 percent for a three- or six-appointment series. Salons can create similar series with services such as hair extensions, repair treatments, manicures and pedicures.

Yoga and fitness studios can help students deepen their commitment to their practice by offering class cards that accommodate the two- to three-times-a-week frequency of student visits.

Regardless of how you market to your clients, the benefits of series and class packs can be significant. Having a business management software that can help you implement them will allow you to:

  • Create multiple types of series and class packs that will appeal to your clientele and their preferences.
  • Assign benefits, quantities, frequencies, and redemption timeframes.
  • Provide flexible payment options including paying online or mobile payments.
  • Streamline your check-in and checkout processes.
  • Take series and class card payments easily.
  • Manage attendance for your classes.
  • Accurately track and automate redemption of your appointment series.

Booker provides flexible series and class-pack tools that can help you gather the data you need to develop offers for your clientele, no matter what industry you’re in. For instance, you can use Booker’s Membership & Series Conversion report to track how many of your new customers are buying those offers from you.

Out of the total number of new clients who visited you in a given time period, you can see how many of them purchased memberships or series, as well as the revenue those purchases generated for your business. The report also tells you the percentage of new clients who converted so you can adjust your series or class-pack offers to increase it, if necessary.

If you’re already a Booker customer, you can learn more about setting up your Series and Packages on our Help Center. If you’re new to Booker, you can request a demo with one of our representatives to learn more.


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