Salon Marketing Ideas for 2015

Kate Rankin

Salon Marketing Ideas

It’s a new year and your sights are set on retaining your existing clients, attracting new ones and growing your revenue. Effectively marketing your salon can help you achieve those business goals. And marketing your salon doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming.

In addition, salon management software can make this process even easier because it can give you a wealth of information to analyze while you assess how to market your salon this year, as well as the ability to track and evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts.

While you think about your plans, here are a few salon marketing ideas – some new, some tried and true -- to keep your clients coming back again and again.

Marketing Ideas for Any Type of Salon

  • Produce and hand out business cards. This is a simple, inexpensive way to gain added exposure for your salon. Ask other merchants in your area if you can leave some with them and reciprocate by providing a place for their cards.
  • You may already know that GWP stands for "Gift with Purchase." As its name implies, a GWP is an item that is presented to a client when they spend above a certain amount on beauty treatments, skin or body care products or hair styling services. The free item could be anything from cosmetics, facial serum, a salon voucher, soap packaged with fabric and ribbon, white plush slippers, perfumed drawer liners, candle gift set, product samples, and mini fragrance oil. To help you with this, you might see if there are any inventory items you’ve over-stocked.
  • Use your salon management software to start a monthly e-mail campaign promoting new services and specials.
  • Don’t forget your website, Facebook Page and Twitter. Post client pictures to Pinterest. Put a Book Now button on your website and Facebook Page.
  • Once you have your website in order, list your business on all the top directories like Yelp, MapQuest, SpaFinder, BeautyBooked, Pingup, and more.
  • Start a blog and become a resource for specialized information. As a hair stylist, you can review products or write tutorials on how to do tough braids. Showcase the latest nail designs and give tips on how to do them. Offer advice about waxing services.

Marketing Ideas for Nail Salons

  • Try a “buy one manicure/pedicure and get one free for a friend.”  This is a great way to get referrals from existing clients.
  • Sell services in bundles to convert a one-time visitor into a regular client. So, rather than selling one basic manicure, offer a “buy three manicures up front, get one free” special.
  • Add inexpensive perks to the salon experience, such as hand massages, hot towels, aromatherapy, essential oils, etc.
  • Do a little cross-promotion by partnering with a nearby hair salon. Have the stylists wear your nail designs, hopefully encouraging their clients to ask where they got the eye-catching manicure.

Marketing Ideas for Hair Salons

  • Partner with local photographers. Photographers always need of makeup artists and stylists for their shoots. In addition to often being paid for their on-site services, stylists get credit along with the photographer for any published photographs.
  • Take client photos constantly and post them online. Take photos of your cuts and styles, choosing your best and most diverse photos to post on your website, Facebook Page or to your Twitter or Pinterest accounts. Your clients may not visit your website frequently, but they monitor their Twitter and Facebook feeds on a daily and hourly basis.
  • Be your own model. Take the time in the morning to always get your hair looking its best. When you're out at an event where you'll be seen, act as your own billboard.
  • Offer daily promotions or “offer of the week” On your website, Facebook Page and other social media accounts, offer one deal a day for one of your services. Local customers who subscribe to your feeds just to stay informed will act when you have a deal that meets their needs.

Marketing Ideas for Waxing Salons

  • Consider implementing a loyalty program that will reward clients for their consistent support of your salon.
  • Host special events at your salon, such as Touch-Up Tuesday or Get-Ready-for-the-Weekend Thursday. Offer services at a reduced price and provide refreshments.
  • Do something special for your clients every time you see them. Take the service a step further by putting cool stones on the client after the service. Take an extra minute to offer that special touch they don’t get anywhere else. They’ll remember this and they’ll come back.
  • Offer monthly giveaways or random drawings for complimentary services.

For more advice on how to keep your clients coming back, check out our Customer Retention Guide. 

Customer Retention Guide for Local Businesses

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