Say Cheese! Has Your Salon Thought About School Picture Day?

school picture day

There’s a slight chill in the air, the leaves are slowly starting to change color, and before you know it you’ll be surrounded by a sea pumpkin spiced lattes everywhere you turn. Fall is basically upon us and with the change of the season means one thing for all the little humans in our life — school is back in session. Now what does all of this mean for a salon owner such as yourself? It actually means you have a giant opportunity to rake in (pun intended) a sizable amount of extra revenue.

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When you recollect on the first few weeks of school what comes to mind? Connecting with friends you haven’t since last school year, meeting your new teachers, seeing who’s in your lunch, and most importantly... preparing for School Picture Day. Back to school means Picture Day is right around the corner and Picture Day means kids will be wanting to look their best. And for the few who could care less, better believe their parents will be forcing them to do so. Starting to see where your salon fits in here?

When is Picture Day? Picture Day is a school holiday that sweeps across the nation, typically, between late September to mid October.

If you’re like many other local salons you probably recognize the opportunity that major school events like prom have to offer. Well, Picture Day is no different! It’s a big deal for school kids and parents alike. These are the pictures parents share with everyone. These are the pictures that will go in the yearbook. You get one take, and you want to make sure you look your best.

Source: via Boston Globe


Did you notice a common theme in this video by the Boston Globe? Something multiple kids brought up? Their hair, their makeup, and their overall appearance. That’s where local salon owners such as yourself can step up and make some extra profits this fall season. That’s why this fall you want to make sure your advertising and marketing efforts are geared toward attracting millennials. Think high school students, middle school students, and/or young parents (with kids in school). Make sure your crafting advertising that are meant to grab the millennial eye.

You might be thinking that attracting a horde of teenagers is a waste because what sort of funds do they really have. However, before you write millennials off as having no money to spend, think again: the 80+ million millennials in the United States today generate around $1.3 trillion in annual revenue. So, whether it be through their allowance or their parents credit cards, attracting millennials can definitely help you gain some extra revenue this fall if you can manage to turn your salon into your town’s Picture Day destination.


Looking for some advertising tips to get your salon ready to capitalize on Picture Day? Check out our Back-to-School Advertising Checklist! 

                           school picture day


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