Small Business Monday: Attracting New Customers

Aditi Vora

Welcome to our weekly, Small Business Monday feature, where we’ll quickly highlight some important facts and trends that small business owners need to grow their local service businesses. 

This week we’re attracting new customers. What’s your customer acquisition strategy look like?

What to do when you’re trying to meet new people in the neighborhood...

Last week we talked about the importance of keeping your existing clients. Let’s get back into the challenge that plagues small business owners the most, attracting new customers. What are you doing to capture new customers to your small business? Have you tried any new marketing strategies? Check out some great marketing ideas you can employ, even if you're working with a tight budget.

Should you knock on your next door neighbor's door and introduce yourself...?

Some of the best tactics for attracting new customers relies on having an online presence. According to ComScore, 54% of consumers have now replaced substituted the internet and online directories in place of their old, dusty phone books. With the majority of your potential consumers using the internet for their local business searches, it's imperative that you get your business online, as well. 

Maybe there's a way to connect with people through social media...

Not only should you be getting your small business listed online, but you should also be taking advantage of the benefits of social media. 63% of the consumers that use online directories for their local business searches are more likely to go to the businesses that use social media. The power of social media growing, more and more, everyday. Need some help setting up your business' social media accounts? We've got a guide for that! 

Oh, look! You just discovered that one of your neighbors is actually a mutual friend!

Don't forget about the power of customer referrals! When you implement great loyalty programs for your existing customers, they tend to bring some of their friends and family along for the ride. Offer up great discounts and specials for all the customers that come through the door from referrals and you'll see some great results.

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Small Business Monday: Attracting New Customers
Small Business Monday: Attracting New Customers

Welcome to our weekly, Small Business Monday feature, where we’ll highlight how small business owners can a...

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