Small Business Monday: Holiday Burnout & The New Year

Aditi Vora

Welcome to our weekly, Small Business Monday feature, where we’ll quickly highlight some important facts and trends that small business owners need to grow their local service businesses. 

Today we're ringing in the new year and avoiding that holiday burnout!

What to do when you feel like you're reaching your holiday breaking point...

….run away? No. The answer lies in making your day-to-day work like a lot easier. Do you find that you’re wasting a bunch of your time on daily, mundane tasks instead of focusing on attracting new customers and growing your business? Don’t get caught up in the day-to-day drudgery like scheduling appointments and tallying up your inventory. There are several tools available, right at your fingertips. Check out these 5 simple tools for time management and how it could transform your small business.

What to say to the customer that’s looking for yet another sale item…

…end of the year bonanza! This is your last ditch chance to boost your end of year sales. The New Year can bring in a new season of items to your business. Shed the old 2015 services and products and make room for the new. Raise your revenue this last week and get your customers through the door with great promotions. End of year massages, anyone? Last minute pet grooming needs for that great New Years Eve party? Let your customers know that you’re there for them.

What to respond to the customer that says “Happy New Year!”

…Happy New Year and here’s a coupon, good through the end of January 2016! Make sure you’re keeping your existing customers interested and enticed enough to back to your business well after the holidays! Your existing customers are important, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard it from us! 

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