Small Business Monday: Missed Appointments

Aditi Vora

Missed Appointment

Welcome to our weekly, Small Business Monday feature, where we’ll quickly highlight some important facts and trends that small business owners need to grow their local service businesses. 

This week we’re dealing with missed appointments. 

What to do when you’re stood up…

Does this scenario look similar to you: You’ve booked a client for an appointment with your business, a full month in advance. Come the day of the appointment, the client has failed to show up. Believe it or not, this very scene is quite common with service businesses. There’s a real cost that is associated with a no-show, don’t fall victim to it!

Maybe it’s time to send out a text…

Don’t lose out on business because of forgotten appointments. Instead of spending your precious time on manually setting up calls to remind your clients, try out automated reminders. If you’re using a management software, you can set up text or email reminders that will notify your clients when their next appointment is coming up.

Having trouble on what to write in that text…?

Using various automated marketing tools, you could set up canned reminders that are scheduled to send out…without having to constantly come up with content. 

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