SMB Monday: One Week Until Leap Day! (Did You Forget?!)

Aditi Vora

Welcome to our weekly, Small Business Monday feature, where we’ll quickly highlight some important facts and trends that small business owners need to grow their local service businesses.

Let's check out what everyone's talking about ...

What to do when a long lost relative re-appears after 4 years…

…plan something big! Last leap year, the NY Times reported the strength in using Leap Year as a marketing force behind campaigns coming out in the spring. From marketing pizza to skin moisturizers, every business under the sun found a way to take advantage of the theme that only appears every 4 years and ran with it.

This year’s leap day is only a week away – got any good ideas?

What to do when your best friend takes a vow of silence…

…find a new mouthpiece. While word of mouth marketing is effective, it’s not the be all and end all, especially when you’re looking to grow you business. You’ve got to go beyond that strategy and start implementing marketing practices that actually work. Create your website, get listed on online directories, and don’t forget about the all-important marketing giant: social media.

What to do when you’re not feeling particularly lucky…

…don’t worry, St Patty’s Day is coming! Speaking of holidays to use for upcoming sales and promotions campaigns, March is coming and with it is all the luck of the Irish. Use this St Patty’s Day to come up with some really great special and promotions this month and expect some big gains in revenue! 

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Aditi Vora

Aditi Vora is a skilled digital marketer with a passion for content marketing and exploring new and fun ways to keep her audience informed and engaged. She's currently the Senior Manager of Content at Booker Software.

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