SMB Monday: Tap that App!

Aditi Vora

Welcome to our weekly, Small Business Monday feature, where we’ll quickly highlight some important facts and trends that small business owners need to grow their local service businesses.

It's time to tap that app! 

What to do when your customer won’t stop looking at her phone?

…pop up on her screen! With Americans spending an estimated 3.5 hours a day just glued to their smartphones, about 90% of that time is spent on mobile apps, alone. This is a great time to think about the different places you can start to reach your customers. Think of all the ways your customer can book with your business. Are they able to find you on Yelp? Google? Facebook?

These should all be answered with a resounding ‘YES, DUH!”

If not, don’t worry, check out how to get started here, and here.  

What to do when you’re on the fence about jumping on the app-bandwagon…

…think about your bottom line. A great way to capitalize on this behavior is to create a customer mobile app for your business – this especially comes in handy for service-based businesses that rely on online booking. With your business being as easily accessible as being on a mobile app, your next appointment will be a simple tap away.

What’s my next step?

Looking to set up your custom mobile app? Look no further than here. Besides setting up your online booking, you’ll be able to provide extensive information about your business from operating hours to service offerings. On top of that, what about selling your products and gift cards?  The mobile app gives you endless chances to increase your visibility with your existing customers – especially through the use of those handy push notifications. Got a new service offering? With a mobile app, it’s incredibly easy to let everyone know! 

About the Author

Aditi Vora

Aditi Vora is a skilled digital marketer with a passion for content marketing and exploring new and fun ways to keep her audience informed and engaged. She's currently the Senior Manager of Content at Booker Software.

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