Spa Checklist: 5 Things You Need Before You Open

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So you’ve finally decided to turn your dream of opening a spa into a reality. You’ve selected your location, designed the space exactly to your liking, created a services and pricing menu and are now just weeks away from your grand opening. But the question remains… just how ready are you?

According to a Global Wellness Institute report, there were 121,595 spas operating in 210 countries around the world, earning $77.6 billion in revenue and employing more than 2.1 million workers. As consumers become more conscious of personal wellness, that trend won’t be changing anytime soon.

But with owning a spa comes many details. This checklist with five focus areas will help ensure that your big grand opening goes off without a hitch!

1. Marketing Strategy
A well-planned marketing strategy should be in place well before your grand opening. It is important to create a sense of excitement around your business to draw people in.

  • Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media posts and ads have been launched to create buzz
  • Local fliers for the grand opening have been distributed
  • Networking with local charities, women’s groups, country clubs and other businesses has been established
  • Local news ads for the grand opening have been published
  • You business website has been launched, ideally with an ability for customers to book spa online services
  • Opening day specials or discounts have been created
  • You’ve found a marketing automation platform to help grow and sustain your business

2. Personnel Readiness
A spa business thrives in great customer service experience. It is important to have well trained and highly motivated staff to gain a competitive edge in the local spa industry.

Before your grand opening, you must have:

  • Vetted employee licenses
  • Signed employee contracts 
  • Trained employees on exceptional customer service, hygiene, and work safety
  • Educated employees with sufficient knowledge on products and services offered
  • Ensured company guidelines and policies are signed off by employees
  • Posted an employee schedule in the staff area or accessible by all employees online
  • Established a reliable system to store employee records

Part of personnel readiness, as with any type of business, includes outlining guidelines on sexual harassment prevention, equal employment opportunity, and emergency action plans like location exit routes, fire extinguishers, and first aid supplies.

3. Property & Equipment Readiness
Your establishment needs to be both safe and create a nice ambience for customers. Ensuring quality and compliance to safety guidelines will result in seamless day-to-day operation.

Make sure the following are in order before your big day: 

  • Your music and sound system have been tested and are working
  • All machines and equipment have been tested and are working 
  • A POS system has been installed and tested 
  • All company property and equipment tagged for inventory management
  • Exit routes are visible and clear of clutter 
  • Your electrical system is functioning properly
  • Fire exit doors and fire extinguishers that follow fire safety guidelines
  • First aid supplies that are visible and easily accessible
  • Emergency lights that comply with safety guidelines
  • Tested emergency generator as a back-up

Aside from regular cash payments, point of sale machines can handle card and check payments, discounts and special offers, as well as other customer transactions. Compared to cash registers, it is easier to upgrade and adapt to new tasks. There is POS software to fit a range of budgets, and many include free features. 

4. Administrative Readiness
Administrative responsibilities involve proper handling of business documentation and paperwork. As a spa or salon, depending on where your business is located, you may need to get a special permit or license to operate. The tasks involved ensure a smooth transition from pre-launch to regular business operations.

  • Business permits and licenses are properly displayed with copies filed accordingly
  • All invoices and official receipts kept in accounting records
  • Properly filed contractual agreements with vendors and landlord
  • Warranties for all machines and equipment filed accordingly
  • Office lease and property insurance
  • Business cards and other marketing materials prominently displayed
  • Official business email address being used
  • Assessed and approved data security measures
  • Services and prices prominently displayed in the premises

5. Financial Plan
As with any business, a good financial plan needs to be in place before you begin business operations. It will help turn your business into a profitable investment.

  • Various financial projections from the original business plan readily available
  • An accounting system and chart of accounts identified
  • An accountant/consultant hired and retained for annual reporting
  • A bank account under the company name 
  • A payroll and benefits system established
  • A business loan repayment plan in place

Many spas use a business loan as a vehicle for startup funding. If you have a business loan, make payments on time and keep an eye on your business credit rating. Have a plan ready in case a prepayment or a lower cost debt refinancing opportunity arises. 

Remember, people look to spas to relieve stress, and this is what makes this industry virtually recession proof. If you’ve managed to check off each item on our list, you can easily get through those first few crucial months of your operation and ultimately build the best reputation for your spa business.

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