Staff Appreciation: Share a Cup of Cheer

Kate Rankin

Spa and salon staff appreciation ideas for the holidays

It’s no secret that a happy staff equals happy clients. All of us like to be appreciated for the contributions we’re making, and acknowledged for the time and attention we’re devoting to our work.

Saying “please,” thank you,” and “good job” throughout the year and recognizing individual contributions are business basics. During the holidays, it’s important to take extra time to specially acknowledge your most valuable asset – your staff. It’s safe to say that any success you’re experiencing is directly related to the expertise of your employees, the quality of their treatments and their loyalty to your spa or salon.

It’s more than a really nice gesture. Appreciating your staff accomplishes a very fundamental business goal – it increases job satisfaction and employee retention. Besides, it’s easy to do and doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, one way to plan ahead for these events is to designate a travel and entertainment bucket in your annual budget. You can also use your spa and salon management software to help you compute how much to spend. For instance, you might want to take a percentage of sales based on last year — say you spend 5% of weekly revenue per employee. So, if you have 8 employees each booking $1,200 per week, you could spend $60 per person on the party.

In addition to spreading joy this holiday season, here are a few staff appreciation ideas to consider:

  • Host a holiday party. Picking a venue will depend on the size and dynamics of your staff. They might appreciate a catered luncheon in your facility where they can mingle and chat easily. Or they might prefer an event at a restaurant in a private room. Try to avoid eating at a large table in the main dining room. Too often, being seated makes conversation much more difficult and stifles socializing.
  • If you have a relatively small staff and know them well, carefully chosen gifts are very thoughtful and can be distributed anytime.
  • Consider giving everyone a cash bonus.
  • Give a grocery store gift card. (‘Tis the season for eating, too!)
  • Cover staff commuting costs for a couple of days.
  • Post a picture of your “fabulous” staff on your website, Facebook Page or Instagram account.
  • Give each employee a half or full day off with pay.

So, share a cup of cheer with your staff this year and enjoy!

For more tips on promoting your holiday plans, check out our guide.

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