Summertime Menu Maneuvers

Kate Rankin
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Catering to a diverse clientele can be challenging, especially when you have a mixed customer base of regular customers and others discovering you for the first time.

How do you entice new customers while keeping your usual clients satisfied? Such are the idiosyncrasies of having a spa or salon in a destination location.

But don’t fret! We have some ideas to help you draw in roving tourists and keep your stalwart customers smiling.

Typically, your service offerings are driven by locale. Aside from the usual treatments you provide, consider inventing some new ones. When you offer unique services, it can help increase your business. Take a look at the area around you and try to tailor your services to the local culture or environment. For example, if you live in an area known for orange trees, you could create an orange blossom scrub for parched skin or offer a citrus rinse for sun-damaged hair.

Here are some tips to help you mix up your menu:

Add higher-demand summer services like waxing, sugaring, peppermint pedis, cool cucumber treatments or fruity polish. Try highlighting services such as keratin treatments to reduce frizz.
Create a sunburn relief treatment that soothes and moisturizes sun-abused skin, removes the sting of sunburn and minimizes peeling and flaking. Upsell conditioning masks during the shampoo service to deeply condition hair, help protect it from sun damage, and rehydrate it.
A tan is great, but the sun still depletes moisture, leaving it tight, itchy and uncomfortable. Offer a hydrating treatment to refresh skin and seal in moisture. Set up a summer makeup station featuring travel-sized products.
Try renaming or adjusting certain spa services to give them more summertime appeal. Offer specialty fingernail or toenail painting and decals.
Combine a basic facial with mint or cucumber at a packaged price. Suggest and use sunscreen products while you’re styling to help protect hair from fading, and display those products at the front desk. Visual reminders at checkout help boost retail sales.

Think about adding some extra-affordable options to your menu to attract new guests and keep existing ones interested.

Now, take a look at that new menu you’ve just created. Find the complementary services that match your menu items. Nearly every service your salon offers has another service that will complement it. All you have to do is identify what those complementary services are and suggest them to your clients. Upsell!

All of these are good strategies. But there’s one more that will give you surprising results – totally rearranging your menu.

Most spa and salons have a tendency to list the cheapest services first – and then spa and salon managers are disappointed when their profits grow more slowly than they’d like. Instead of taking that approach, put your most frequently requested services in the back of your menu. Don’t worry. Your customers will look for what they want, but they’ll have to look through some of your other services to find them—which might lead them to choose a higher-end service over the one they originally had in mind.

For out-of-towners, your menu is totally new, so you can mix it up any way you want! They’ll be curious enough to check it out.

Want to learn more about how to make the most of summer business? Check out our Destination Profitability Guide.


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